Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dorm Life Redux

I spent four years in college (only four! WHY FOUR!? Not a day goes by that I don't wish I didn't cram my four years into five!).

My first year was in a bonafide dorm room. A 9x12 I shared with a total stranger who I made a great friend out of....even though I'm not sure when in the hell she is now. Oops. (Note to self, facebook later).

Years two and three were in an apartment style dorm. It was a campus dorm but had two bedrooms, a bath, two study spaces, a kitchen and a living room.
Year four was totally the life. I scored a great apartment in an old historic home adjacent to campus. It was quite large for two people, just Elsie and I, and had a huge balcony, a small back porch, and came with a washer and dryer....score! Oh, and triple lock doors! My senior year was fantastic!

Since that fateful graduation day of May 8, 2004 I thought my dorm days were over. Then I found out that their was dorm furniture being auctioned. It was from a nicer all girls dorm that was built with private funding. I never lived their because it was built in the late 1924 and without air conditioning.
No thank you hot and humid southern spring/summer/fall!
Ok so long story short, I won.
All this:
We had to borrow a friends truck and trailer to pick up my goods. I only wanted a dresser but you had to buy the whole room. And as an added bonus, I got these:
Extra long twin box springs. WTH do I do with these? I think I'm calling the scrap metal guy.
If my husband ever leaves me y'all.....don't doubt that he had good reason. See above. Oh, and remember this?
I hope he one day finds my shenanigans charming.

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