Monday, November 12, 2007


Oh dear Internet, remember how I told you about the exciting weekend I had planned with my dearest friend and her family? It was fabulous, really it was. But I happened to leave out an important detail about my Sunday once they'd left.

Remember how I told you all about my obsession with multiples and that I was in love with Jon and Kate? Well, hubs and I MET JON AND KATE THIS WEEKEND! OHMYGOSH I MET JON AND KATE!

They're my new best friends. Yesiree they are! Totally our new best friends. We may even have Thanksgiving dinner with them because THEY ARE OUR NEW! BEST! FRIENDS!*

It all started when I found out that Jon and Kate would be speaking at a church in My Town. I reserved a spot for hubs and I and tinkled my pants a bit in the process. Yesterday we arrive a good 30 minutes early to said church and well whaddaya know we were practically the first people in the door and by far the earliest we've ever been to church (and it was 30 minutes away as opposed to out normal 5 minute commute to church). I marched to the front (three rows back) so I could get a good spot to see our now best friends.

Hubs: Is this close enough or would you like to sit on
Me: Oh this should do, the stage is for Jon and
Kate silly! Besides, the front row would make me crane my neck.

We're sitting there for a bit checking out the visitor infoand bulletin and OH!
MY! GOODNESS! In walk Jon and Kate. IN WALK JON AND KATE! Hubs lovingly grabbed
my hand, most likely because he did not want me to jump up and pelt them with
hugs, kisses, and offers of monogrammed towels.

So I sat there. And started. My eyes were big, my shoulders slinky, tounge wagging out of mouth with buckets of drool. I crossed my legs real tight because how embarassing would it be to tinkle in front of Jon and Kate? They were the cutest things ever too. (By the way Brittny, Kate's profile so looks like you!) I think I need to find out where she got those cute shoes and perhaps get J and sweater like Jon's.

Me: Hey maybe we should go sit over there.
Hubs: No cupcake, I think we're fine.
Me: But J we can just give them a sweet Southern Hello! and sniff
out what kind of perfume/cologne they wear, and we can share lip gloss and also I'll offer her a starter to my Amish Friendship Bread.
Hubs: Cupcake, they're from Pennsylvania, I'm certain they see plenty of
Amish, probably know some. And I'm sure she'd love a yeasty, fermentanted, white
liquid from a stranger.
Me: Well, I need to get the kids favorite colors so I can send them all
monogrammed lunch boxes!
Hubs: Yes Cupcake, go right ahead. Jon will talk into his watch and
security will come out and take you away.
Me: Oh, you really think so?

Church finally started and as the singing began I was thinking I'm totally singing in chruch with Jon and Kate. It took every ounce of discipline in me to focus on the actual praise and worship. But ohmygoodness I totally spent my Sunday morning doing praise and woship at church with Jon and Kate.

Soon it was time for Jon and Kate to speak and I got all googly-eyed, my jaw hit the ground, and I was mesmerized-hanging on there every word. I totally big, puffy, pink polka-dot, HEART Jon and Kate. They were amazing. Creative editing and ratings don't show much of their spiritual life but I loved hearing them talk about lessons they'd learned through their journey and how the had learned to rely on God, not plan the future, and trust in the Lord. It was very inspirational, and mostly because they were so real! They were very down-to-earth and imperfect and everyday people which made me LOVE THEM EVEN MORE! Short version: it was amazing!

After chruch there was a reception of which I just had to attend because whaddaya know I had my camera in my Gucci bag (yes, I took my Gucci bag. I was sure Kate would want to hear about the bargain it was!)

Hubs: I don't think you should ask them for a picture.
Me: What? Why not? Should we ever see these people again
no one will ever remember us.
Hubs: I'm 6'3" and bald--no one forgets me.
Me: (blank stares as if he thought that would really
change my mind

Poor Jon and Kate barely made it through the door and they only had about 10 minutes before being wisked away to the airport.

But we totally met them. Yes we did! Jon walked over and stuck out his hand and said "Hi, I'm Jon."

"I KNOW! I'm Mrs. M and I love you and I watch your show religiously and even the reruns because you totally never get old to me and I was a nanny for five years and the kids loved me and the parents loved me and everyone loves me and we would totally move to Pennsylvania and all and by the way my husband is so handy and crafty and would love to do all the hanging of shelves in the garage and building carnival stands for the birthday party and guess what Jon we love japanese restaurants and wine too and had a blast in the Florida Keys and oh that song this morning that you enjoyed is so one of our favorites and also I have a snowman notepad just like one that I saw in one of your episodes and you two are just fabulous--watching your show is like looking in a mirror!!"

Ok, I didn't really say that because I have a small bit of dignity and instead just introduced myself and told them I enjoyed hearing them this morning and Hubs and Kate had a little conversation and howaboutthat we're now BEST FRIENDS FOREVER!

Then I totally asked for a picture. I could envision how lovely it would be on a Christmas card. "Merry Christmas! With Love, Jon & Kate and Mr. & Mrs. M (BEST FRIENDS FOREVER!)

Only something tragic happened. (Insert sob story here). My (gasp!) camera (sigh!) would (cry!) not (wail!) work (sob, heaving sobs!). Are you believing this? My on-the-fritz camera picked a fine time to go cahput! I totally missed my photo-op with Jon and Kate. Tragic! (In leui of flowers, send new camera!)

I did have a spontaneous thought of doing a U-turn and heading out to the airport, you know, just because I'd not been since August and should totally check things out. But I feared a headline this morning would read something along the lines of "Mrs. M sprints down runway in tall black boots with pink camera phone and firmly grasps wings of plane yelling for Jon and Kate. (claims she has Amish Friendship Bread starter for new best friend)" That would not be good.

This means one, and only one thing. When I have a new loving camera in my hand we have take a roadtrip! Of course that's what it means. They're going to be in South Carolina in April and just so happens we've not been to Charleston since my darling hubby asked me to be his wife on a romanitc getaway and well our anniversary is in April so what a fine time to head back. And well, while were there we'll swing by their latest speaking engagement.


So yes, I was a bit starstruck because I just love Jon and Kate. But it's all cool now because we're best friends so it's not being starstruck anymore.

Meeting them made my day. Only George and Laura Bush, Dog the Bounty Hunter, and maybe Joey McIntyre (what? I never got to see a New Kids concert as a child!) could hold a candle to meeting Jon and Kate. Also, please don't beg me to introduce you because as their new best friends we totally respect their privacy and simply can't do that. However, they may not know we're showing up for Thanksgiving dinner but they most likely welcome us with open arms when we knock on the door with a have a big, crisp, golden, stuffed bird in our hands. Right? I mean probably not.

By the way, I'm thinking Hubs and I should totally start having kids because we're way behind schedule to be on par with our new best friends Jon and Kate. Maybe I should adopt a three by thirty motto!

*My condolences to previous best friends: Mrs. S, Mrs. C, Mrs. G, and Mrs. A, but certainly you understand!


Sara H. said...

I heart Jon and Kate also! They are my favorite, and I totally love their show!

By the way...I was just realized something..and I swear I'm not creepy...but we totally live close to each other. And not only DH and I went to UT...Go Vols!

Kas said...

OMG I am sooooooooooooooooo very jealous of you! I love Jon and Kate too! I wish they would come to Arkansas..... :(

Anonymous said...

Omigosh! I totally LOVE Jon & Kate, Plus 8. I watched the marathon all day yesterday!! Those kids are so freaking cute! Say hello to your new best friends for me, will you?

brittny said...

You are so funny. What a great weekend! I'm sure your previous best friends will understand- I mean, it's Jon and Kate!:)

Rusti said...

LOL - you crack me up Mrs. M :) Congrats on the new best friends though!! (Are you sure you & Brittny don't share a family connection? This ease you both have at making new best friends is amazing!) ;) XOXO