Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Add Actor to his Resume

My pweshus weshus poochie woochie is a star! He was featured on a news video at his Pooch Prep Academy last night. He's the pooch the call "sheepish." Actually he's only "sheepish" around those other dogs because he thinks he's human and simply doesn't care for canines. We may have more work to do at Pooch Prep, yes?

Sadly, there was a young lady (21 years old) who was recently killed by pit bulls and it has raised quite the commotion (as it should) here in My Town. The local NBC affiliate filmed some footage and interviewed his instructor as part of this story.

Also, that is my handsome husband's feet you see there in the video (head to The Bargainista this week where I've talked about his vest). I was off (enjoying wine and cheese) at a Junior League meeting last night so don't be squinting for cute pink shoes, I'm not there.

Also--be a responsible pet owner and get basic obedience and manners for your pooch. Even sweet pups can react hostile in situations. It's important that as a pet owner you learn how to interact and react to your animal(s). For example most people don't know that you should not punish a dog for growling. Growling is a warning and punishing the dog means he will not give a warning before reacting (biting?) in the future. Well, that's my PSA for the day: be a responsible pet owner and invest in manners and obedience for you animal(s).

Now if you'll excuse me I'm off to field requests for Pooch to be the next Benji. Oh the life of a human of a star!

(Also, if anyone knows how to capture the video to place in the blog screen, let me know. I think it's protected though.)


audreybreier said...

Great post today!! I hope to get Scoop into obedience school soon. I can't imagine him ever hurting anyone, but you never know what kind of situation they could be put into! Oh, and I don't think I ever answered you back...Scoop is a puggle (pug/beagle)

Zoe D. said...

Mr.M and Pooch are STARS!! They were on there quite a bit! Isn't that crazy about that woman. Those dogs went after the cops too. Very scary!

Kas said...

What a cute pup! He does look a little sheepish, but I'm sure even Brad Pitt was a little camera shy at first!