Thursday, November 01, 2007

Wish List

The holiday season has officially begun. I love the month of November because it's Thanksgiving and my birthday! Yes, my birthday is a mere 24 days away (November 25 for those of you with your calendars out. Email me if you need my address to send my goodies.)

Of course when I was a wee little La La I thought Thanksgiving was all because of me. You see, I was born on Thanksgiving Day and my (wonderful, fabulous, darling) Pappy told me that's how it all got started. Kindergarten was a bit of a disappointment to me as I learned about all of the
Pilgrim and Indian stuff. If my (nearly (gasp, choke, gasp) 26-year-old) memory serves me, I do believe I tried to help the teacher with that lesson because she had it all wrong.

So November starts the gifting season. I love gifts--getting and receiving. It does, however, disturb me that the season has became so much about gifts. I have a huge soapbox that I could jump up on about that, but we'll save it for another day. In short, I enjoy the tradition of giving gifts and of course, enjoy receiving them as well. However when it becomes about the gift, the money, and the obligation of whom to buy for, it disgusts me. Ok, moving on.

I have a great deal of my Christmas shopping done, but still things left to buy. I like to buy a few things during the festive season, but mostly stock up beforehand. J asked me for a wish list which includes both birthday and Christmas. Here's my wish list, what's on yours?

  • A new digital camera (mine is on the fritz, and yes I realize this is a bit of a big ticket item, however it is my Birthday and Christmas, and the grandparents live 300 and 700 miles away so they send checks--cha-ching!)
  • Silver monogrammed wine stopper
  • Acrylic monogrammed pitcher and tray
  • Liz Claiborne wallet
  • Address stamper (fine! It's monogrammed too!)
  • Handheld vacuum (I know--so old lady!)
  • Books: My So-Called Normal Life (Erin Zammett Ruddy) and Fourth Comings (Megan McCafferty)
  • Full length mirror for the closet
  • Silver tongs for serving
  • 4ct t.w. diamond princess cut earrings to match my engagement ring. (Such a wish, but I always throw it out there just in case the money fairy plants a tree in our back yard).


Anonymous said... wish list...

Scrapbook stuff
Diamond earrings
Black Onyx Ring

That's all I can of right now!!!

audreybreier said...

I don't have much on my wishlist but here ya go :)

Scrapbook stuff (or just a giftcard to Hobby Lobby)

A new camera (this won't happen because the one I want is pretty pricey..maybe after the first of the year)

Clothes (I can never say no to that!)

Money (to set aside for my new camera)

Season 1 of Friends (it's the only season I don't own)

Hmm...I think that's it..I'm not too hard to please :)