Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I'm in a bit of a predicament. I have RSVP'd for J and I to attend a wedding this weekend. The wedding is for a friend, but not exactly a close friend. We were close in high school, drifted a bit, and reconnected through another friend.

She and her fiance did attend my wedding, but truthfully they weren't on the A list. I found out she was kind of expecting an invitation and since I could spare a few extra people, I sent her one. It's not that I didn't want her to come, but as I said we weren't super close. She is a lovely, lovely girl and we have a great time when we're together, but busy schedules and distance keep us from having much of a relationship.

And just to clear it up, she is having a desserts only reception. (Do you know where this is going yet?)

Um, Internet do you know that this Saturday the Tennessee Vols are playing in the SEC Championship in Georgia? Did you know that? Huh? Did you? I'm a loyal alumni of The University of Tennessee. My husband is a devout fan by association. I attended the SEC Championship the last time they went (in 2002). I know our dear friends Mr. and Mrs. O would like us to make it a roadtrip and we have friends in Atlanta who have welcomed us to stay.

So do I attend her wedding, her one day, the only day she'll ever get married (well, we hope). Again, only a desserts reception, not like we're cancelling on a sitdown dinner. Or do I do a little football and Trader Joe's? How can you go wrong with a weekend of SEC Championship and Two Buck Chuck?

Shamefully this is from the girl who is a bit anal rententive about RSVP's and the like. See, I'm not perfect darling readers. Just close, really, really close. (Kidding, don't roll your eyes at me.)


Sara H. said...

Hey!! I'm Univ. of Tennnessee alum also! What a small, small world! Well, not really because it is quite a large campus..but the small world comment seemed to fit nicely. Anyway, I would totally ditch the wedding, send a nice gift and go to the game. Others might say differently...but we know how cool Tennessee football really is!! Go Vols!

The Robbins Nest said...

Send a nice gift and go to the game!!! This is college football we are talking about :)
PS. I spent 6 years in the south (alabama) FOOTBALL IS HUGE

Cakabaker said...

You can get dessert anywhere, go to the game :) If she asks, tell her you had a standing committment that was unavoidable.

Amy said...

Poor girl…..how long has she lived in Tennessee? She should know that one NEVER and I do mean NEVER plans an event on a football Saturday. This rule is in the Southern etiquette rule book between tailgating etiquette, how to hold your “Jack” at the game but before the rules on not wearing white after Labor day, 5 inches of dark root under your blonde is not acceptable, earrings must be worn at all times, and how to tell some to go to Hell in the sweetest way and wish them well while they are on their way. My mother in law does not quite get the blond root rule, but I digress…. However, when I planned my wedding almost two years ago, I planned a year in advance around a possible SEC Championship. I did not want my groom with a radio earpiece screaming “Run you Mother F***er, don’t stop until you hit the goal line,” while he was supposed to be saying I do. Of course we are the people who had Rocky Top and Fight Vols Fight as processional music complete with dancing bridesmaids!

Alas as much as I hate to say it – send an amazing gift, and head to Hotlanta with “T” flags flying, and Rocky Top blaring. And while you there, drink a shot of Jack for me and toast the Vols to victory over LSU!

Swistle said...

What did you do? It's too late for my input, but I would have been in the minority: I would have said it's sad but you said you'd be there and it would be pretty bad to ditch a wedding for sports. I would have recommended going back in time and not accepting the invitation--but once you've accepted, you're committed. On the other hand, I would have been merciful if you disagreed. It's not like I'm saying MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY, BABY!