Friday, November 16, 2007

Where they keep the babies?

J and I were visiting his grandmother's house a while ago and he and his dad wanted to go to the "old house" to look at a buffet his grandmother wanted him to have. I knew there was the current house, and across the street was the "little house" (a cute little cottage that his grandmother keeps all made up for guests and has allowed children/grandchildren to live in when necessary.) Apparently I had a lot to learn about the farm as there was also the new barn and the old barn.....

We go off-roading over the land with me and Mack hanging on for deal life. He stopped a few times for things he and his dad wanted to see. I was in a dress and sandals--not exactly attire for scouring the land. Finally we reach the "old house" which is a very (very!) old farmhouse his grandparents lived in and raised children in until the 70's. It's not been maintained but the buffet was inside as well as a couple other items (a mantle that J (and I) would greatly love). Apparently he couldn't get the buffet at the time because all sorts of critters and bugs live in there during the warmer weather (eek!).

There were a few other little buildings around the house and the inquistive little thing in me just had to ask. Keep in mind, I grew up on top of a mountain. We didn't have cows and farms and all that jazz.

Me: What's that? (pointing to a small building)
J: The spring house.
Me: What's that? (as if spring house cleared anything up for me.)
J Dad: It's built around the spring......
Me: Aha, that makes sense. (duh!) What's that? (pointing to another small building)
J: The crib.
Me: (thinking) The crib? (aghast and shocked): WHERE THEY KEEP THE BABIES?
J and J Dad: Roars of laughter.
J: No cupcake, where they kept the corn. You know, the corn crib.
Me: No obviously I didn't know and it's not that funny.
J and J Dad continues fits of laughter.
Me: Hey, "Corn don't grow at all on Rocky Top!" I'm a mountain girl. I had no idea.
J and J Dad continues fits of laughter.
Me: I'm not amused!


Cakabaker said...

Well what else besides babies would you keep in a crib? I'll bet there are alot of city folk who don't know that too., I have always been raised on/by/near a farm,so I did know that one :) But I am not laughing at you, I'm laughing with you, because you will think this is funny some day :)

Rusti said...

Poor Mrs M!! It certainly wasn't that funny - I probably wouldn't have known either... although... was the corn crib where they put Old Yeller when he got rabies?? That would be what I would imagine a corn crib to look like anyway... take solace in the fact that they probably wouldn't have any idea what half the things you know about :) you brilliant girl you!