Thursday, November 08, 2007

Pertinent Information

J and I both have four letters in our name. Three are the same letters. Our names are totally different and sound nothing alike. I knew you would want to know this.

Also, I think the pooch is a bit pretentious since going to his fancy pants school.

And also again, where was the love here? I want to know whats on your wish list in case I want one too!

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Kas said...

Interesting. You know, Tom and I both have had potato chips that share the same name as us. But I don't think they make Kas potato chips anymore... I haven't seen them since I was a little girl.

Anyway, ok. My list:
1. Kitchenaid Stand Mixer. The heavy duty one so I can make bread dough. And I want the pasta attachments.
2. An exercise ball
3. Cute brown boots from Belk (Ok, I actually bought them last time I was home, and my mom has them all wrapped up and ready for Christmas!)
4. Anything that sparkles ;)
Thats really about it. Oh, and I love me some gift cards. There's nothing like giving the gift of shopping! Especially from that great Aunt that always gets ya something crazy weird and useless... :-|