Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I owe myself one

I made an appointment to see a dermatologist yesterday morning. I had a small spot that had appeared on my back about a year ago. I kept asking Mr. Bella if it changed size/shape/colors. His response, "yup, still there."

Really? You're kidding!

It was my first ever appointment to a dermatologist. I somehow managed my adolescent years without one. I usually like to freak myself out over doctors (if you've ever read this blog you'll know I'm a horrible patient and have lab coat syndrome!) but thought he'd just take a look and tell me what he recommended.

So Dr. Derm checks it out and says:

"Well it looks like a benign tumor that has been aggravated, but I can't be sure until a pathologist looks at it. So I'll have to cut the top off and send it for biopsy......BE RIGHT BACK!"

Wait, wait, wait a minute here! Had I known you were breaking out the scalpel today I'd have started milking this last week! And also I've not had enough time to properly get nervous, panic, and flip out. And also there isn't a bottle of wine in my hand.

Before I could even properly work myself into a hissy fit he had me face down on my stomach with what must have been a nine inch needle through my back. It numbed me pretty quick but oh the tugging and cutting and scraping and sawing I could feel. Not the pain, just the feelings of pressure.


How I think I'll ever have children is a mystery!

It was over before I could even bring on the tears. Once I sat up and was able to breath normal again I was fine. I mean absolutely fine. It was if it had never happened!

Well now how am I supposed to wine and cry like a baby and milk my little operation for all it's worth if I feel fine? How? Tell me that!

I took myself to my favorite little market full of gifts and goodies to treat myself to an item I'd wanted from there for quite some time.

They were out of it.

Of course they were out of it!

So I decided on a chocolate milkshake since I can't legally drink and drive with chardonnay.

But I was sidetracked by something shiny.

So last night I made myself a chocolate eclair cake since I wasn't getting sympathy from anyone.

Only the chocolate eclair cake has like ten fat grams in the hold darn thing so doesn't quite count as a reward.

So this is going in the books as I owe myself one!

Big one!

Big Big One!


JayJenny said...

Oh, I feel for you. Now... just imagine a billion of those and the cutting/etc on your face. That's what my Mom has gone through the last several weeks. I am 100% sure its fine but you definitely deserved that milkshake!!

Kelley said...

Oh my goodness! I'm glad you are okay. Why is it that sometimes when we finally give into things they don't have what we want?? I also feel the need for the recipe for the chocolate eclair cake.

I hope you are doing well!!