Thursday, February 12, 2009

The perils of a Suburban Housewife

How is it that I'm always lacking time? I don't even have a job for goodness sake.

I work at my store about 10 hours a week, but it's at my leisure when I'm home and have the time (I'm working on giving myself a schedule and upping to 15 hours in order to be more productive and hopefully push my store a bit more).

I run the errands, do the shopping, walk the pooch, prepare dinner, and play taxi to BB. But it seems I'm always out of time! I know over commit myself to my sorority alumni and my women's league. I also volunteer quite a bit at church (although I've not been able to do the kids club they have or the small group of young girls I was hoping to mentor this semester) and I try to carve out a small amount of "me time" to do my bible study, browse my favorite market, and perhaps spend a little time with a friend.

In addition, I have a major itch to move. I mean to the point of finding houses! But since that's not happening any time soon (perhaps if I made an offer on a new house and packed up ours Mr. Bella would go along with it, yes?) I've been making lots of changes around ours. Just small things like rearranging items here, new linens there, swapping pictures and prints and perhaps a fresh coat of paint in a few rooms.

So it all comes down to this week. I have a handful of orders to finish up and get out, I'm preparing for a long weekend away with Mr. B and BB, the house needs cleaned, laundry done, gifts wrapped for the weekend, the car packed, and all errands complete. In addition THIS is the week that I have an 8 page newsletter due (I'm the editor, hel-lo overcommitment!) as well as a few extra things on my plate.

I know I should prioritize and just finish what HAS to be done before returning next week, but I have this major stigma about coming home a messy house and a to-do list. I like to come home and feel a fresh start.

Therefore I won't be sleeping between now and departure time at seventeen hundred hours tomorrow.

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