Friday, February 13, 2009

Hello There 5am!

I don't have children. I should be gloriously resting in slumber at 5am. In fact, last weekend when I stayed with W and Elle (way cute bambinos that I've known forever and ever) while they're parents were away, Elle even let me sleep til 6:15.

Well um what's my problem then you want to know?

Drum Roll Please...................

A bladder infection. More specifically, another bladder infection. Last month I had one come on suddenly while sitting in church. I couldn't stand up by the time I was home and went to the Minute Clinic (not a bag gig by the way.). So here I am waiting for my doctor's office to open (they have en emergency clinic but it of course isn't open on Sundays which is why I went to the minute clinic).

Why on earth am I prone to bladder infections? Does anyone else have this problem? My first one was about 2 years ago in January. I had two more that year and one in March of last year. It was a bladder and sinus infection all at once. I don't half-ass anything.
So last month when I was praying for death and death would not find me, I figured I was due a good one as it had been nearly a year. However this morning is a bit too much for me. I know I should go to a urologist but holy guacamole I'm afraid of where they might stick things. YOUCH!

Furthermore I hear repeatedly that "some people are prone to bladder infections." Um well I wasn't "prone" to them for the first twenty five years of my life so 'splain that to me would ya?

This isn't good in the light that we are taking a trip tonight. Mr. Bella always tells me to "pack my big girl bladder" as it is. The five-ish hour trip will take all night if I'm stopping every 30 miles because I feel like I have to tinkle but Oh, just kidding and DAY-UM it's painful to try.

Also Mama simply does not have time to be assuming the fetal position and crying on the sofa with daytime TV. See post below at list of things to accomplish. In addition I'm picking up Elle and P (another bambino whom I've known her entire life) at preschool this afternoon followed by BB at high school and then to get a hair cut and yada yada yada I've got things to do here this morning.

So I'm up, showered, fully face of make up and even jewelry. Hair is still wet. I don't want to wake the beasts that are still sleeping. I mean someone has to drive tonight and someone has to sleep. Betcha can guess which I plan on doing.

Cereal tastes a bit different at 5am. Can't put my finger on it.

You know what? Mama would love a cup or fourteen of coffee.

Know what Mama shouldn't have in the midst of her issues? A cup for fourteen of coffee! Sucka sucka!

I suppose I'll go vacuum the car, start some laundry, and take the pooch for a jaunt around the block. They sky is getting a wee bit light afterall.

Oh, then I'll milk the cows, gather the eggs, feed the chickens, and slop the pigs.

I kid, I kid!

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