Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I'm vastly deprived of sleep. Remember how I woke up last Friday with a bladder infection? It was all down hill from there. My best friend Cici told me what meds to ask for. She's a fancy pancy pharmacist, also known as my personal ask-a-nurse. I waltzed into the doctor's office with my drugname of choice tucked in my pocket and walked out with said drug.


Moving on.

We took a long weekend away and of course didn't sleep much. We stay up late with friends and family and wake up early to keep going! Plus I never sleep quite as well when I'm not in my own bed.

Monday night I was so excited to sleep in my own bed for a whole seven hours. Seven!

But I didn't. I woke up about 1:00 a.m. Sick. Very sick. Digestive track was mad. Real mad!

It was mad at 3:30.

It was mad at 4:45.

It was mad at 6:15 when I gave up! I began my day. After a not so quick trip to get some pepto (do you know how many stores ARE NOT OPEN AT 7 in the morning? What the heck? Why am I the only one awake at that fine hour?)

I began cursing the little family joint we'd eaten dinner at on Monday night. But everything I ate, someone else ate. That's true for the whole weekend. I decided it must be all the very rich foods I ate all weekend that I don't eat on a regular basis. (Fondue, a texas style steakhouse, big breakfasts. too much fried food, etc.).

I survived Tuesday ok and was talking to Cici that night. I was poking fun of my issues with her when she piped up, "oh yeah, that medicine can cause excessive (issues), it's one of the side effects."

I'm seriously contemplating our friendship.

Tuesday night I was up three times.

Wednesday night I was up only once.

I have drank a half bottle of pepto this week.

I'm sleep deprived and off of caffiene.

May Cici grow long, dark, coarse, thick, very noticable, and unpluckable chin hairs.

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Kas said...

Ugh! That really sucks. I hope you are almost done with your course of medicine so you can get some sleep and feel better!! :(