Monday, March 10, 2008

Four years ago today

I was on a blind date with my husband.

He had amazing blue eyes.

A contagious laugh.

A handsome smile.

Nice dresser.

Good conversationalist.

And he didn't open my car door.

I won't let him forget that, but I did give him a second date.

Then I fell in love.

Hard, fast.

And I married him.

I've never been happier.


girl from the south said...

You should probably add that you invited him to spring formal. That may make up for not opening the door. Dancing and meeting all the drunken sorority sisters at once is intimidating for the first or second date.

Gotta get back on Mr. M's good side after giving you a year's worth of notepads for your birthday. :)

Amy said...

Has it really been 4 years? God where does the time go? I feel like I have known Mr. M forever! I would never have guessed when you went on this fateful date this would be your hubby!!! You were defnitly not looking for a husband, let alone a steady boy friend! But I think you got an awesome catch who compliments you well!

Cakabaker said...

Wow, congrats! What is it about eyes that attract us? My DH has beautiful blue eyes :) That and his dimples did me in.

JayJenny said...

Aww, that's so sweet! Good men can be hard to find, I'm glad you found yours and are living happily ever after...

Swistle said...

Happy firstdateiversary!

Platinum Rose said...

Cute post! Happy Anniversary of sorts!