Monday, March 31, 2008

Weekend? Weekend?

Hey, did anyone see my weekend? It appears he skipped through town without even saying “hello”.
I did manage to paint the majority of the new bathroom and also monogram a swimsuit.

“What? You monogrammed a swimsuit?”

Of course I did. I’m Sourthern and obsessed.

And as Mrs. S puts it at least she will be able to easily identify my hungover self when I’m face down on the sand basking in the sun on our beach trip in September.

Oh, and J and I are heading to Florida for a long weekend in just a few short weeks. Yippie!

I also drank a coke on Saturday night. I’ve basically quit daily injections of caffeine since I gave up soda for Lent and was forced to drink water and only water for a week when my bladder was bitterly rebuking my body. I decided that I can do without it and to drink it only on occasion.

Note to self: on occasion should not be a Saturday evening or else at 2am I’ll be doing jumping jacks and cartwheels through the house with no signs of stopping.

This will make for an unpleasant and tired day when you rise at the crack of dawn on Sunday for a roadtrip to visit the in-laws. Well, at least until you eat a few of your mother-in-laws double expresso brownies and then WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

However I crashed quickly and it wasn’t pretty.

Now if you’ll excuse me I must make it through the remainder of my day with my good ol’ H2O.

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