Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Memoirs of a Blazer

Yesterday afternoon J sold his Blazer. I do believe it was a bit bittersweet for him. He spouted off random tidbits of information and lightly suggesting I blog it.

Here I am.

The Blazer was the first car he owned until it was actually paid off rather than trading. He apparently also owned at least two cars at once until the Blazer. I think there was more but I was very interested in my baked potato when he was telling me all of this.

I have my own fair share of memories of the Blazer, hereinout known as B.

The B sure was good to us. Here’s to just as many lovely memories in the new Benz.

(J-feel free to add anything I’ve left out)


The Mr.M said...

You forgot that we drove away from our wedding recpetion in the B.

Mr. M said...

Some more tidbits:
-Of the 10 cars I have now owned it was the most expensive
-Of the 3 of those 10 I borrowed money to purchase it was the only one I paid off. The majority of the vehicles I have owned much like the Benz didn't garner a car payment.

Mrs. M said...

phew! isn't it sexy when he talks like that?