Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Hit By A Bus, Dancing Naked, and Celebrating

Oh, the weekend. I feel like I've been hit by a bus. I was super busy with the fundraiser, as well as having friends in town, squeezing in dinner, concerts, wine, and just a smidge of sleep. Then, not only did we lose an hour of sleep (which makes me happy to see DST) but we had to wake up early to get breakfast to our community group at church. Finally on Sunday afternoon I took a much needed nap (before my husband coaxed me to go to the Home Depot and built me a ladder shelf of which I will show you soon.)

The plus side is that I found some way cute items at the fundraiser and promptly bought them all! I found tons of silver serving pieces that just need a little polish, a few small lamps for the buffet, a way cute picnic basket, fun little napkins that match those we received as a wedding gift, and a few cute bags and purses. (I also found tons of things I didn't need and since my total was looming 3 digits, I put them back. Although those pictures and candlesticks would have went perfectly somewhere, I'm sure of it!).

The best thing was that in one of the cute little purses (that J and Mr. O deemed as ugly and I should give it away) had (drum roll please) FIFTY DOLLARS IN IT! Can you believe that? I know if I lose fifty cents. So how on earth someone loses a crisp fifty in a purse I just don't know. So there my friend, is when I felt the need to do a naked dance as my friend P suggested. It also makes me feel that I should have pushed aside all reasonable thoughts and bought the pictures, and candlesticks, and even that cute little shelf of the basket thingys, yes?

Lastly, do your own little naked dance for me because I GOT INTO GRAD SCHOOL! Woohoo!

Perhaps J and I will spend our time this fall canoodling with our laptops. Romantic, no?


JayJenny said...

Sounds like you had a great, but exhausting weekend! Congratulations on grad school, that's very exciting. Good for you!

brittny said...

Congratulations!! I'm so excited for you! I hope you celebrate this weekend and treat yourself to something nice (it sounds like you got a head start last weekend too! What good finds!. Your last post (about your dad) made me tear up a little. It was very beautiful and I'm glad you shared it with us.

brittny said...

I just posted feedback and the computer ate it! :(
Congrats on getting into grad school!That is so great! You definitely have to celebrate this weekend and treat yourself to something nice.

girl from the south said...


You better call me with the details! Who-hoo! Next fall, you can call me with your grad school laments. :)

BlondeMom said...

Congrats on grad school!

Yes, post pics of the shelf. I love to see your "projects."

Christy said...

Lucky you!!! I get excited if I find a dollar...so I'm sure you did a good dance!