Wednesday, March 14, 2007

So What If I....

  • wear my old soccer socks under my knee boots
  • cannot stand to not have a project of some sort going on
  • can eat cream cheese straight out of the tub
  • secretly wonder if I'll ever get botox for that wrinkle I see in my forehead
  • am scared of getting older and watching my life rush past me
  • really enjoy being sugary sweet to mean people
  • am addicted to hand sanitizer
  • really enjoy organizing and then reorganizing
  • think that a messy piggy tail means I "did my hair"
  • would like to no exactly where the Girl Scout Cookie factory is, especially the Thin Mints portion of the place


JayJenny said...

Eww, the cream cheese thing make me wonder about you Mrs. M? Thank goodness you saved youself with the Girl Scouts!

Sitting said...

I like you so much. ;)

BlondeMom said...

I want to go on the Girl Scouts Cookie factory tour.

I polished off a box of Thin Mints hidden in my desk drawer at work in record time. It was frightening.