Friday, March 16, 2007

"La La, You're a BIG FAT LIAR!"

Usually these words would be offensive to me, however when my bestest friend (and made up twin sister) Ta Ta called me last night at nearly midnight screaming them to me, I could only scream and cry with happiness. Because then I knew she had it.

"It" being that big beautiful rock on her lovely left hand! I was with her now fiance, LukeyPookiePuddin'Pie (LPPP), when he bought it and nearly pee'd my pants with excitement that she would be getting it last night.

I assured her that I had no clue what was taking that boy so long and why no, I certainly had not seen him. Thus, he reason I'm a big, fat liar!

LPPP was the cutest thing picking out rings. He was so careful and so nervous, whew was that boy nervous. I nearly needed a glass of wine just being near him. We stared at a handful of diamonds for a good half hour. He swore they were different, but my eyes just blurred them all together. Finally I asked the guy of one more option for us to look at and...LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! The lights shone down, the bells rang, somewhere there were angels playing the harp. It was the one.

LPPP came to eat dinner at the M house while he waited for the ring to be finished. J said, "Eat up, looks like you can't afford food for awhile!"

Ta Ta and LPPP I love you both so much and my heart is overjoyed for you. I can't wait until your big day.*

*And if you insist it be in Hawaii, that's OK! What better reason for me to take a trip there!


Emily said...

AH! I am so excited for them both! I will have to congratulate Luke at work when I see him!

girl from the south said...

Yay! Tell Tasha congrats, err best wishes! Does she need ice skates?

JR and Lindsey said...

Yahoo! I am so excited for her :) When is the big day?