Saturday, March 17, 2007

A Good Day

This morning J and I woke up early (yes, it's Saturday and he woke up earlier than he normally does any day of the week!) to be part of a team from our church that worked on a children's ministry center. We hung doors, worked on the electric, redid the baseboards, and painted the hallways. There was also an old piano that needed to be demolished and tossed. J and another guy took it apart to get it down the stairs because it was so heavy. I was lucky enough to rescue some of the great wood pieces of it. I'm not sure what to do with them yet, any suggestions?

I really enjoyed our morning of volunteering together. J didn't grow up doing community service as I did. It really makes my heart happy to see him be involved in service involving one of his hobbies, which is anything with tools. We are so blessed and it makes me want to give to others. This summer, we're working on a building a house with other couples from our church. I'm pretty excited about that, as is J. Here's betting no other girl has a kickin' pink tool belt like me!

Now, to have a fabulous end to a fabulous day, I'm going to go pick out a cocktail dress because my darling husband is taking me to dinner here tonight! Bon Appetite!

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