Friday, March 23, 2007

Most Recent Projects with Pictures

By popular demand, here is a glimpse at some of my recent projects. Enjoy!

First, I've been having too much fun with artificial flowers lately. I'm not a fake flowers kind of girl, but I wanted to make a replica of my wedding bouquet to keep. For what? I have no idea, I just did. I suppose that after a brief stint on the chest beneath our wedding canvas, it will go in the wedding box. But here it is. Pretty?

Here is the original in the wedding shadow box I made. The roses there should be pink, but it didn't dry so well. I also made all of the invitations (what was I thinking?) save the dates, etc. But the fabulous fan programs were made by my friend, SEC, as a wedding gift.

And that hangs in "my" guest room, which is very shabby chic, (not to be confused with J's guest room) above this bed, of which I made the king sized duvet, shams, pillow etc. And all that pretty little white was my little girl furniture from my Grammy and Pappy and I absolutely love it.
And here is J's guestroom (the nautical room) with the newly monogrammed upholstered headboard that he and I made. We made the headboard about two years ago, but I only recently monogrammed it.


And to match the monogrammed headboard would be the monogrammed valance. You totally expected this, right?

Here is an upclose view.

My hubba hubba recently made this wall long display shelf for the room as well. I'm still working on arranging everything, but this is the beginning. Didn't he do a good job on the shelf? You should see the cute decorative edge.

So, back to my faux flower fun, I also made a replica of my bridesmaids bouquets which included the same flowers as our tables decorations. It will probably sit on the dresser in my room for the spring in then be tucked away in the wedding box.

And I needed a spring wreath. I'd seen several pictures and came up with this. I love hydrangeas and I really like the berry look too. So, until the rain or wind blows it away, this will be on my door for a few months.

I also jazzed up the lamp shades in the master bedroom. Here is the before picture:
And here is the after picture:

Another project with these buttons? Cute little hairbands. Every little girl I know (and several big girls I know!) are recipients of these cute little guys:

There is a pink monogram on the gingham button, it just didn't photograph well. Here's an in the hair view.

I'll post my button flip flops soon, but it's not flip flop season yet. Not for me anyway, I'm spastic and simply cannot wear sandals until April.

And, coming soon (I hope!) are pictures of the (completed) master bedroom window treatments. If you want to see the fabric though, I can totally take a picture of that.


girl from the south said...

I want one! Make me one please! :)

I've also seen the buttons attached to flip flops. Super cute.

Brandy said...

I can't wait to see the flip flops. I am a flip flop freak.

You are so creative, I only wish I had half of your creativity!

JayJenny said...

You are my Crafting Hero! You go girl, you rock!

I want a button too - and probably a pair of flip flops. You sellin' sista? Help a girl out!!

Mrs. R. Belle said...

I love it!