Monday, March 05, 2007

Hello, Girl Scout

I love Girl Scout Cookie Season. J and I have already polished off a box of samoas. And by that I mean I had 3 of them. Samoas are without a doubt the best Girl Scout Cookie ever, followed by Tag-a-Longs. And I also love All Abouts. And Thin Mints are very good. And this year they have brownies. And ohmygosh all this talk of Girl Scout Cookies is going straight to my hips.

What's your guilty pleasure of Girl Scout Cookie? And while you're at it, share how many you've already scarfed down. You know you want to.

Oh, and remember when cookies were just $2.00 a box? Anyone?


BlondeMom said...

I have a box of thin mints at my desk and I swear I ate about 15 of them at work last Thursday. IN ONE DAY. I'm afraid of opening the other sleeve of cookies because this morning I could barely GET INTO MY KHAKIS.

Amy said...

Girl Scout cookie time!! You have to eat them so you might as well suck it up and run another 20 mins on the treamill. You just can not eat one with out devouring the entire BOX! The S household went through three boxes in two days!

Emily said...

I can't have them.. I am on Weight Watchers and I am sure they are loaded with to many points. HA! I have considered just handing those girls money and telling them to enjoy the cookies, but I never seem to carry cash.. guess I will need to take on your advice you left for my budget tips, huh? My all time favortie Girl Scout Cookies would be the Thin Mints and oh oh, the chocolate covered peanut butter goes straight to the hips kind. YUMMY!

Platinum Rose said...

My 2 favorites are Thin Mints and Peanut Butter Patties. I was a Girl Scout, and I looooved cookie time (my Mom was actually our troop cookie mom so we got to keep all the leftover boxes!!)