Friday, March 02, 2007

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

Since grad school is taking up a great deal (ok all) of my husband's time, I decided I'd jump in on the fun. So, I wrote him a paper. A really good paper. Probably the best one in his class. Now, of course, I'm going to have to write all of his papers so the professor sees consistency and doesn't think that (gasp!) his wife wrote the first one or he slacked off.

I'm just naturally a writer. Once, I woke up two hours before class and cranked out a 7 page paper on a book I'd never even seen. I got a B+. The note on the paper said I would have received an A if I'd have done the actual assignment, but that the paper was excellent so I'm getting a B+. Hey, I'll take it!

J and I had no clue that the MBA Program was going to be a swift kick in the bum as it is. I'm not sure why we didn't expect it since it is an MBA. MBA's in general are pretty prestigious and strict programs. It's not a no-brainer type programs equivalent to underwater basket weaving. I expect that if I choose to attend grad school this year, my program will be quite a bit easier. Well, that's what I think now anyway. It will writing intensive, and hey, that's my thing.

Perhaps the School of Business J is attending will just grant us both MBA's. I am writing the paper's after all. I think they should, that's what I call a dual-degree program!

So does anyone else have the education blues? Did you or your lovely attend school, while having a full time job, while being a newlywed and/or planning your wedding, while also doing lots of other stuff that requires a little time and effort, while......

Tell me your educational stories, good, bad, ugly, grad or undergrad.


Mr. M said...

it's worth noting that I the academically honest Mr. M did write and initial draft of the paper. I did part of it. Just not the well written flowing copy that was turned in. And i feel what i did by allowing you're assistance was inline w/ my MBA pursuit. Delegation is good management.

Mrs. M said...

I think I learned something from writing your paper too! In fact, I know I did. Therefore I'm delegating that you do the laundry and mop the floors this weekend!
Woohoo I like this!

Sitting said...

You two are so cute. Sigh. Newlyweds.

I did 1 1/2 years of grad school while hubby was in med school. I worked 20 hours a week through grad school. He didn't work at all in med school, but it's a little different. And he's a total slacker. ;)

Mrs. Emily Lamb said...

I just have to say that you, Mrs. M, are very interesting when you write. I love to read your blog... so exciting and fun!! I am sure your help will help Mr. M get a good grade!