Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Playing Wedding

Yesterday Ta Ta came to visit me so we could play wedding. We went to a few dress shops so I could dress her up like a doll and watch her prance around in front of the mirrors. I love looking at wedding dresses. I even made her try on a few she knew she'd didn't want because they were so pretty-pretty I just had to see them on. She found the elements she likes in a dress, just not "the dress" yet. I'm excited for when she does because then I can get started making the veil. Can you see how much fun I'm going to have with this?

We also browsed wedding websites and magazines and discussed invitations. I'm going to help her make them and we're going to jazz up a pre-made invite. I only wish I'd been that smart. But, oh no! I had to make them from scratch. I all but cut down the trees and made the paper. What. A. Pain. I don't recommend it.

I'm very excited for my two bestest friends getting married this summer and fall! I know this is first of many wedding entries. I'm super excited to continue helping her plan.

Anyone want to share details of your wedding? Big? Small? Elaborate? Simple? Favorite thing? Biggest pain in the bum?

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JR and Lindsey said...

So much fun to play weddings all summer again huh? I am so excited too. When is Tasha's big day?