Monday, March 26, 2007

Duex Quote de Jour

I love my friends!

Quote de Jour a al Mrs. S:

(after which we had our little hen fest of bickering, whining, and complaining about in-laws (and of which I take great contentment that hers are worse! I know, shame on me!)

Me: We're going straight to hell aren't we?
Mrs. S: You bring the wine, I'll bring the shots!

Quote de Jour a la Ta Ta:

(on trying on dresses to which I informed her the one I was lacing her in was a Naggie Pottero (because I'm not getting paid to say her name!) and that is why it required she sign away her first born)

TaTa: Who?
Me: Naggie Pottero, she's a fancy pantsy and expensive wedding dress designer.
TaTa: Pfft, I don't care if it's designed by Larry the Cable Guy as long as I look pretty in it!

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