Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Trends, these are the trends?

I've always been more of a classic person anyway, but the 80's look coming back is way out of control! Let me just say that I love the 80s movies, music, and long-haired hotties is where it should end.

First of all, leggings? Leggings?? Are you kidding me? LEGGINGS? My friend Bex and I used to wear those to church with our Easter dresses and dress shoes. (Oh I wish I could find the picture of us side by side with our eggs in our baskets and huge mud spots on our knees where we dove for the one under the branch....)We also had huge glasses that were dark emerald green and hot pink. So clearly, leggings should stay in 1988 where we left our "Paula Abdul lace trim leggings" as we called them.

However, if teens and tweens are going to wear ass-showing denim mini skirts laden with holes, I definitely opt to see the leggings rather than their thongs. Thankyouverymuch!

Belts as underwires? Huh? Belts over every shirt in your closet, what?

Boots with highwaters. This is the worst! I hate it! I hate the look of boots with capri pants. Call them what you want, but they're capri pants. The gaucho style is a cute look that I can see being a little more classic....but put your capri pants back in the closet and wear them with your flip flops this summer.

Leg warmers? Arm warmers? Just wear clothes!

I had a middle school cousin say that she was shopping for "cute 80s clothes" with her Christmas money.

No such thing. They're cute, or they're 80s. They were ugly then, and they're ugly now.

I'm not going ot be surprised when I see a Cyndi Lauper wannabe prance around in neon spandex bike shorts, a huge banana clip holding the crimped side pony tail, and a super over- sized shirt knotted up on the side with an acid washed denim vest over it and an arm full of slap bracelets that proudly say "U CANT TOUCH THIS."

Ok, off my ranting soapbox.

Anyone wanna tell me how they really feel?


Ribbon Rock Star said...

Ugh...I hate 80's fashions!!!!

Welcome to the blog party!


Joanne said...

hahaha love it! Yeah 80s 'fashions' attempted a comeback a couple of years ago - didn't really work then and not working now. Lots of cute 60s style trends going on at the mo which I must admit are a bit better - but where are the NEW TRENDS?!

We must just cycle now through 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and back again.
Oh well.
Party go-er dropping in by the way - hope your having fun!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Welcome to the Party! So many fascinating people! I'm from Birmingham in England and have a Star Trek satirical Journal. Hope you'll join me on the Bridge.