Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Project, Hubby Style

After (nagging, begging and pleading,) sweetly asking my husband to build me a ladder shelf and save me me from donating my kidney to the Pottery Barn, he did! He'd built this one for a friend and finally had the time to make mine. (He is a little busy with work and school. On top of a "honey-do" list that he may never finish, so I can give him a little slack.)

This is just a rough go at the decorating it. The top is a tray picture frame I made that has postcards and pictures from our vacations together. It used to sit on the coffee table which is now the leather ottoman that is J's baby and you don't put things on it that ever, might even, give it a blemish! So, now it's resorted to shelf life. You may also notice the holy cow and flying pig on the shelf. Oh, you did? Don't ask! Please, don't ask about my hubs thing for cast iron animals with wings. I mean actually, I don't even really get it so I certainly can't explain it to you! The basket is necessary for keys and such since the door to the left is our exit to the garage. Then there are the few random pics, candles (which will obviously not be burned on the shelf) and books.

Any sugggestions at decor arrangement? It needs more attention. I haven't had much time to devote to it, but would love some input.

There just might be a monogrammed hair button in it for the best suggestion. Or, maybe I'll treat to this. No, sorry, just the hair button. I'd love to take you along, but that pesky mortgage demands attention.


Emily said...

Thats so beautiful! Your one lucky girl. Your husband needs to open a business, he would make tons of money!

JayJenny said...

It's beautiful, kudos to your hubby! You're a lucky girl to have such a gorgeous and frugal shelf!! I think the only thing missing is the letter M, you know, those standing letters?!

I'm sure it won't win me a button, but I think you've already got a great start!

Mrs. M said...

oh it definately needs an "M". Making me a huge M for a wall is on hubby's list of things to do. I have a scrolly metal M that was a cake topper at our wedding that is sitting on a table in the living room, but I think I need a wooden one for this. You can never have too many M's, right?

girl from the south said...

What about a big, framed picture of your friend, Girl from the South? Pull out the giant Comm Law book and impress people when they walk in the door. Or, what about a giant, orange screw? You don't have nearly enough orange things in your house (one of the main reasons it's so cute and tasteful).

BTW, I have a cast iron sheep that Mr. M can have if his interests go beyond pigs with wings.

I'll be waiting for my button. I believe you have my address. :)

On a serious note, what about a potted plant (Ok, something easy and hard to kill like African violets or ivy). If I remember correctly, you have sunlight down there. Some dried flowers would look nice too.

Sitting said...

Hi there! I waved hello to you as I passed by your neck of the woods this last week.

Anyway, I am here to answer your question. I love the shelf. Ditto the above: it definitely needs an "M" and a plant, real or fake. Also, here's a little tip I picked up in reading volumes about staging a house to sell: shelves should have odd numbers of objects on them. One, three or five is GOOD. Two or four is bad. It sounds crazy but if you play with it a bit it does actually look better.

May I also suggest some color? With the white shelf and the wood/black frames and cast iron, it seems to me a splash of red/coral/pink would be good (depending on the other colors in that room).

Mrs. M said...

The room is chocolate and blue and the mantle in there is white, which is why we went with white. The other idea was chocolate but hubs and I have issues making decisions, so white it was. I'm sure it will be painted sometime, but probably not soon. Wowza it's HEAVY! and a pain to paint!