Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Quote de Jour a la My Hubba Hubba

Background: Extreme caffeine intake in the afternoon and evening has been known to keep my husband up late at night. Especially the sweet tea variety of this caffeine.

Tonight I had JLK and Hubs had a business dinner with some associates who were in town.

Me: You didn't have tea did you?
Hubs: No, I had beer.
Hubs: What? There's no caffeine in it.

Well, I guess he has a valid point.

*J also said the funniest thing when we went to The Orangery. It was one of those moments where I said "That's a quote!" And I was so excited to share it, but I forgot it. And (obviously) still haven't remembered it. I know I should have broke out my post its right there with the wine.

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JayJenny said...

For your sake, I truly hope that we don't share a brain! Although I would like some of your craftiness, and I'm glad we tend to think alike. That's what friends do huh?