Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Missa Is Married

Malissa is married! Can you believe it? She sent me the link to her pictures last night and they are gorgeous. She was such a beautiful bride!

The last to be engaged and first to be married (other than Amy who well beat us all on the diamond! However, we were all engaged by the time we were in her wedding!). I'm not sure why but Amy, Brooke, and I were so emotional. It's like we were watching our little girl or something. Missa is a little younger than us, but not a great deal. I think it's because we've seen so much change in her. We used to get all dressed up to go out and were making Missa do her hair and putting make-up on her. She was our little ragdoll at times since we didn't give her much choice in the matter.

And then there she was...looking so elegant and sophisticated in her gorgeous gown and veil. Her dress was white with lots of red accents. It was so perfect for her. She had cute straps made for it that looked amazing on her. And the bustle!! Oh my the bustle! A soon-to-be bride and quick becoming wedding extraordinaire such as myself should know about this bustle, but I digress. I think it was some combination of the French and American styles. I certainly hope we can do that with my dress when I got for my fitting this month.

So Malissa's wedding was so perfect and beautiful, did I mention she did all of this in FIFTEEN DAYS? Yes, Malissa is my hero! She planned an absolutely beautiful wedding and reception in a mere fifteen days. I had just under six months from my engagement date to what will be my wedding date. I'm only about halfway through with two and three quarters months left to go, and I'm a little stressy over something things coming together as I want them too.

I'm wondering what Missa's flightmates and friends from the equestrian team think of those Tennessee girls in the corner crying like goobers as she was dancing with her Dad and Jess. Followed by us starting the party by tearing up the dance floor (again, probably much like goobers!) I can hear them now--"you know the ones--those silver bracelet girls."

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