Monday, February 06, 2006

Superbowl Disappointment

Most of you that know me, know that I'm not the biggest sports enthusiast ever. There were no teams I cared about in the Superbowl, so my main concern while watching were the commercials (I am an advertising coordinator you know!), and of course, the half-time show.

Unfortunately I wasn't impressed with the half-time show or much of the commercials. When I heard the Rolling Stones were playing, I thought it would be rather entertaining. I was excited to see who/what they did with it. So J and I sat down in front of the TV with our Superbowl feast (chips and salsa, bbq chicken, stuffed potatoes, apples and caramel...) to get some good entertainment. Much to my surprise, it was nothing! It was just some old grandpa's singing three songs. I was expecting a few other artists or guests to have a blow out show. I can't believe that was all Sprint could come up with. It was very disappointing.

Though we were super busy doing some finishing touches on our house, (and me running into walls), I did sneak in a few commercials. I really enjoyed the Dove-Campaign for Real Beauty spot. I'm definitely a fan of promoting self-esteem among young girls and teens. Society and pop culture have made it increasingly hard for this demographic to feel good about themselves. Although I fear that it's not just girls anymore. I see it moving on to male youth as well. Dove is partnering with Girl Scouts in the Campaign for Real Beauty. I think it could be a real success with the right coordination and effective planning of proposed programs.

Although most commercials did rise above chauvinistic, sexist humor, there were a few who cannot take the high road. GoDaddy and Budweiser were two of them. Then there were the "been there, done that" spots. Diet Pepsi is running the rap concept into the ground. Renaming to "D. Pepsi" was not clever. Renaming "D. Anything" is rather old and cliched. Why don't you just continue to play on "Got Milk" and come up with "Got Pepsi". Or, in times of desperate creative droughts just combine them and use "Got D. Pepsi". Come on Pepsi, just because your P. Diddy (daddy, puff, whatever his current name is) and Carson Daly commercial was a bright idea last year, doesn't mean you can keep it interesting and entertaining this year. DDB New York let you down, move on!

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