Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Pretty, Pretty Princess in my Pretty, Pretty Dress

I'm so excited. Tonight Steph and I are going to go play dress up in our Wedding Dresses at White Lace & Promises. I can't wait to get it and put it on. Of course, I do have an ulterior motive since I'll go wielding scissors!

My dress is called "pearl" which is such an ambiguous color. It's not white. It's not cream. It's not ivory. There is a wide array of "pearl" and "candlelight" colors depending upon the designer. So in order to match my veil et. al. with the dress, I'm going to get snippy on the inside a little bit. I'm letting the boutique store it there since I've not had it altered and it's better than shoving it in my closet.

But other than that...I just want to play dress up!

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