Tuesday, February 14, 2006


I AM Bridezilla. I've decided to embrace that and move on with the wedding planning. I'm not sure why anyone will be shocked to know this. If you know me and my nearly obsessive, compulsive personality and my desire for perfection, you'd have seen this coming as I did.

On the other hand, I'm not sure why anyone is shocked that, this being MY wedding, I'd like to do things MY way. I'm not a selfish or conceited person, but for this one day let's all get something straight: it's all about ME! ME ME ME ME ME ME MEEEEE!! (and J! :) )

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy input from friends and family. But don't be upset, angry, or saucy to me when I don't take your suggestions or I have already planned something without consulting you. (This does not apply to my wedding planner, Liz--you're the best!) Also, don't attempt to change my mind because it's not to your preference or liking. This is not about you, whoever you may be. My wedding is about pleasing no one but me and J. If someone doesn't like that, then you probably aren't invited anyway! This especially applies to those aspects of my wedding that I really want or have already planned in stone. Refrain from nasty/hurtful comments no matter how "sweet" they may be delivered.

Although I'd always talked about having a private destination wedding, once J put the ice rink on my left hand, I knew I had to have a ceremony! J, who would prefer the private destination wedding or even eloping, agreed a ceremony would be nice if that's what I want. His one request was that is would be a small intimate affair and nothing over the top. So we agreed that this would be a small event of about 100 people, and it would be a casual evening for our family and close friends.

By casual I don't mean that I'm wearing a gap sun dress and carrying a dandelion that I'll pick up on my way down the aisle. Casual as in outdoors and relaxed, yet extremely elegant. We want the ceremony and celebration of our marriage to reflect us and we are just not fancy uptight people, and this wedding is about impressing no one! I'm very shabby chic in various aspects of my life, and this wedding will be no different. It will be very country chic and rustic elegance.

I do appreciate traditions, but that does not mean that I will be traditional in every aspect of my wedding day. J and I may see each other before the wedding, and we may not. I (obviously) won't have my dad walk me down the aisle, and I don't want a "bride's side" and a "groom's side". We will not get married in a church because we both want to get married outdoors. We will have a rehearsal and dinner and it will be a barbecue because that is a favorite springtime activity for the both of us.

J and I want a natural and outdoor scenic location and a gazebo. We want an indoor and outdoor reception area with good food and good times. (Lucky for us, Liz found the perfect location and J loved it immediately!)

I want antique flower planters full of spring blooms and branches of dogwood blossoms arranged in antique milk cans. I want a bouquet of mixed flowers such as tulips, lilies, roses, and gerber daisies all in shades of pink and white. I want my junior bridesmaids to carry pomanders and my bridesmaids to carry hand tied bouquets.

J wants to wear a khaki tux and a blue with a pink something bowtie. The groomsmen will wear matching neck ties and the little boys will wear bowties with coordinating attire.

I wanted a certain type gown and am very happy with finding the perfect one. I want my girls to wear pink tea length dresses and they will all be beautiful in them. The junior bridesmaids will match the bridesmaids and flower girl in creamy satin poofy dresses.

I want a buffet dinner and a mashed potato bar that includes sweet potatoes. I do not want fried chicken and I do want vinaigrette. My cake will be yellow and strawberry layers with buttercream icing and will have a surprise cake topper. J wants turtle brownies in lieu of a grooms cake, so turtle brownies it is! Give me punch, give me tea, and hold the soda "pop".

The reception will be decorated with candles and a few select blooms and there will be a DJ and the few children invited and in the wedding will be invited to stay and party it up until way past their bedtime.

So why did I choose to have things this way? Because it's what I want, and it's what I like, and this is my wedding. I know that it will all be perfect and beautiful.

I'm glad we all understand and are as excited about this as I am. :)
Bridezilla will now return to her day job.

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