Friday, February 17, 2006

What to do with that pretty little dress

So I've already been thinking of what I will do with my beautiful bridal gown when the Wedding is over. I used to think that I'd sell it because I have no need to keep it. However, as previously mentioned in the blog, things change.

I don't think that I will preserve my gown. What good is it to me if it's sealed in a box and I can only look at it through a window. Plus if I ever want to get it out, the preservation is no good and I'd have to have it redone. If I'm going to keep it, I want to be able to get it out and look at it.

I know that my kids/grandkids/nieces/cousins/etc. are not going to want to wear my dress! It's going to be old and ugly to them. So, I'm not keeping it for that reason.

A friend said when she was little that she used to love getting out her mom's wedding dress and play in it. That sounds sweet and I like that idea...but do I really want to let my kids play in something that expensive? Plus, it's pretty heavy with a long train, not exactly easy for a little one to prance around in.

I was thinking I could make my children's christening/baptism gowns out of the fabric of the train. That would be really special, but then I'm cutting up my dress.

So, if I'm not going to sell it and I'm going to preserve it, do I just keep it in a bag in the closet? That seems as if it would be a waste. Plus, J and I are very meticulous about the dividing of closet space, and that just might put me over quota.

Perhaps I'll just dress a mannequin in a glass case and put it in the formal living room right next to the wingback chair.

Allie has suggested that proceeding our nuptials we have a little tea party in our dress. I like that idea. With all the blissfully wedded and to-be-wed friends I have, we can have a big tea party!

Brooke says she's going to bring hers out on Friday nights to watch TV and have a beer.

I was thinking that as we tailgate this fall, Brooke, Amy, Malissa, Ellen, and myself would be cute sitting down to a barbecue with our hubbies all decked out in wedded glory! (Don't forget the veil ladies!) Actually--if you see an entourage of blushing brides flouncing around Neyland this fall--don't' be surprised! It will just be us, being pretty, pretty princesses in our pretty, pretty dresses.

So perhaps there will be a few other occasions that I can enjoy my Wedding gown.

Girls--what else are going to do in them?

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