Friday, February 24, 2006

"Mrs. M looks like..."

So this is too much fun! Google "(your name) looks like" in quotations and see what you get. It will no doubt give you a good chuckle.

Mine said: "Mrs. M looks like a human with an overcooked omelet glued to its head." Not the most flattering compliment I've ever had. Thanks Google!

Check out some others of my friends:

"SEC looks like a rockstar with slurpees."

"T-Ho looks like a donkey that has not eaten for many months because she is skinny! She is a skinny *****!" (wowza! Keep it G-rated Google!)

"CD looks like one of those insects that are attracted to certain lights."

"Ta looks like a hot pickle." AND

"Ta looks like she's about to eat Nina alive, but she is very gentle."

"Miss C, looks like a little hooty owl snuck in there"

"Mrs. S: Looks like she's about two rhinestones away from a wardrobe malfunction." AND

"Mrs. S looks like a bouncer in a drag bar."

"Mrs. Y looks like a corner store tramp" AND

"Mrs. Y... Looks like you need to get down to business on the name thing!" I think this is telling you something B. But didn't we decide your soon-to-be new name already?

"LN looks like she’s wearing a curtain… a red, long curtain."

"Mrs. G looks like the girl from 16 candles, Molly Ringwald?" Hey,
I can kinda see that.

"Addy looks like a young Jennifer Lopez" Definately not, the fair skin and blonde hair throw that one way off!

"Addy looks like she's been shot out of a cannon" Well, I did see her during some early mornings when we were roomies.

But perhaps my favorite is J's. I've substituted my name for the added humor.

"Um well I am pregnant," says (Mrs. M), J looks like he is going to faint. Maybe (Mrs. M) didnt discuss this with J."

This is particularly entertaining for us because last week in our pre-marriage class one of the guys said "don't try to get pregnant without me knowing." To which all the other men in the room responded with a big hearty Amen!" That's right they concluded, "NO SURPRISING THE HUSBAND!" So, that said, the above comment gave us a good chuckle.

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