Thursday, February 23, 2006

Total Request Bride

There are so many fun details in a wedding! I have a few big things to work out (yes I'm aware I'm getting marred in 9 weeks!) and tons and tons of details. I just can't seem to stop with the details! I'm constantly finding bright ideas that I want to incorporate.

So currently, I'm working on the music. I can't decide what I want T2 to sing during the unity candle. Also, do I want another solo or two (the H girls have beautiful voices!) while guests are being seated and waiting? What do I want to walk down the aisle to? And what are we going to exit to? Do I want to do the first dance as we enter? Do I want to do the first dance after dinner? What do I play for the second dance when we invite the wedding party, family, and guests onto the floor? What do I want to hear during dinner? Cake cutting? Bouquet toss? Garter toss? (not bow-chicka wow-wow!). What do I want to be the fun music? The last dance? There are so many endless possibilities.

I have my vision for what I want the music to be for each part of the night, but I can't decide on individual songs. I have pages and pages of potential songs listed for all of the above categories. If I have more soloists besides the unity candle and memory candle, I have ideas for those songs. I know our exit song is going to be really triumphant. I want a jazzy feel during dinner, and some exciting music during the bouquet and garter toss.

So many decisions. This weekend I'm nailing it down. Get ready for...Total Request Bride!

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