Wednesday, July 18, 2007

All of the Party Details

I hope the Bachelorette Bash turns out wonderful! Here's what it's going to be thus far. Maybe it will help you lovely ladies in your next soiree. (And as promised tomorrow you'll have the chance to laugh til your side hurts and poke great fun at me. Until the, go here and help girl out! Please?)

The Atmosphere
Smelly good candles burning and a bachelorette mix just for Mrs. O-to-Be in the background.

Orchids--Mrs. O-to-Be's favorite flower. I bought a couple orchids and painted clay pots with a dry brush technique and monogrammed them with an "O".
Pictures--I also have a couple of very cute pictures of Mr. O and Mrs. O-to-Be that I've matted with a cute khaki that's adorned with khaki and green rickrack and ribbon. It looks very cute with the sepia toned photos.

The Table
I've set the table with a white tablecloth and a ribbon runner in clover green. The napkins are all rolled up and tied with a pretty clover green ribbon (Mrs. O-to-Be's favorite color!). The silverware is tucked away inside. I have the clear glass plates (fabulous for all get togethers! They're very elegant and they match everything.)and wine glasses ready complete with little charms on the stems. I have to admit, I love having parties because I get to bring out all of my fun serving pieces. I love using my different trays and platters. The majority of my pieces are white ceramic on wrought iron stands or glass. I'll be using a 3 tiered tray, a round serving collection with different pieces that fit inside the round platter, a 4 piece platter set that can be mixed and match in a variety of ways on the wrought iron stand, a glass covered cake pedestal and then the glass chip and dip set, serving bows, plates, etc. I've adorned bits and pieces of the knobs/handles/etc. with a tiny green ribbon.

The Food
Lemon artichoke chicken pasta, hot artichoke dip (with crackers and veggies), Hawaiian bread and spinach dip (also can be used with crackers and veggies), a cheese and grape platter, cocktail sausages, black bean and feta dip (used with frito scoops), strawberries and brownie bites, and lemon poppy seed bundt cake

The Drinks*
Pitchers of Margaritas, A punch bowl full of The Bachelorettini-a mojito flavored wine punch (with more on reserve), An iced tub full of beer (with frosted mugs), and a couple of bottles of wine on reserve.

The Games
Mystery Panties: Guests bring an unwrapped pair of panties for Mrs. O-to-Be that describe their personality. They are all put into a basket and Mrs. O-to-Be has to guess who they're from when she pulls them out.

Things You Might Hear: The old favorite of writing down what she says when she opens her lingerie, then repeating as things you might hear on the wedding night.

The Question Game: I ask Mr. O a set of questions and ask the same questions of Mrs. O-to-Be. For everyone she answers differently, she has to stuff a marshmallow in her mouth.

The Chore Game: Guests are handed slips of paper that say: I hate (chore) because ____. After everyone has filled in the blanks you read them around the room. However, you omit the chore they've written and say sex. For example if I wrote "I hate cleaning bathtubs because I don't like soap scum", I'd have to read it as "I hate sex because I don't like soap scum". This game is good for laughs.

The Food Game: This is much like the chore game. Slips of paper are given our that say I hate (food) because___. When guests read it they omit food and replace with oral sex. For example: "I hate pinto beans because they make me gassy" would be read as "I hate oral sex because it makes me gassy". Again--good laughs!

The Lights Go Out: The lights go out on the wedding night! Bride-to-be is given a bag full of items and blindfolded. She has one minute to put on as much as she can. Items can include anything good for laughs: granny panties, boa, work gloves, ski boots, thong, tiara, tie, etc.

Painting the Town
For the night out we're headed downtown to bar hop and shake our groove things to 80's music. I have a few item of entertainment for our night out as well. I'm sure Mrs. O-to-Be and Mrs. S will be, ahem, inebriated (fine, maybe I will be too!) but that makes these games all the more fun!

Scavenger Hunt: A list of 10 things Mrs. O-to-Be must find and have a picture of: guy with a tattoo, guy with same name as the groom, guy who buys her a drink, guy with belt buckle.....etc.

What I Did Before I Said "I DO": A list of tasks Mrs. O-to-Be must complete on our night out. For example: Order a "blow job shot" and yell it out! (there is nothing like a drunk girl in a veil yelling "Hey Bartender, Can I get a blow job?" while her friends gaffaw and laugh), get a guy to dance with you, have a stranger serenade you, have someone tattoo your butt (in pen) with a funny saying (relax, we're not mooning anyone, just the upper hip area), etc.

Touring the Town: A list of five different locations with fill in the blanks: where it was, who it was, what it was, signature. Mrs. O-to-Be has to write down where she goes, who her bartender is, what they served her, take a picture, and sign her name. Location five is usually not very readable. Truthfully 1-4 won't be in this case!

If anyone is interested in the full versions of the above games email me and I'll send you the sheets I've made for all of the above. I use them for every bachelorette party. They've been crowd pleasers for a handful so far and I still have another one this year.

*By far, the most important detail for the lovely lush of Mrs. O-to-Be.


Kas said...

Your party sounds like so much fun! You guys are going to have a blast. I can't wait to hear all about it!

Michelle said...

What a blast!! I hope you post pictures when it's over!!
Can you email me the games? None of my friends from HS have gotten married yet!! We graduated in '93! Thanks! :p

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

You have officially worn my tired mama ass out! ;)

Sounds like a blast...those pics were hilariously fun.


You go girl!