Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Meet Mack

Our new "creole terrier" (I'm afraid the word mix will give him a complex). I've put J off on getting a dog for nearly two years, but this little guy won his heart (and ok, maybe mine too!). The real kicker was when he said it was all he wanted for his birthday. I offered a new digital camera, a new miter saw, a hammock, and nearly a mac laptop but all that he would have is the pooch. So, two months early, here he is as J's birthday gift.

We visited him on Friday evening when we first saw him. Then we went back on Saturday. Then again on Sunday and we finally filled out the application to bring him home. It usually takes about 2 days but we were so excited that they rushed us through and let us pick him up last night. We adopted him from a rescue which saved him from a shelter where he was about to be put down. Can you believe that? How could someone not love this dog?

He's super sweet, but a bit fickle which was further proof he fit right in with us. He's one to two years old, house trained (score!), he doesn't really bark, and doesn't appear to chew. He's so lovable and seems to be happy to be at home with us and not in that little metal kennel. Plus, he's not tried to go upstairs since I let out a big, monstrous "NO" when he ventured toward them. It's a HUGE deal that I'm letting him in the house at all since indoor animals go against every fiber of my being. I did relent to allowing him in the den of the evenings when we're at home. Plus, the office is right off of the den so he can hang out with J when he has to study. So in essence, this dog is going to make him more scholastic, no?

He's certainly living the good life now. He came home in a monogrammed dogdanna, and has a new fluffy bed (monogrammed!), a fancy pancy crate (which thus far he is not fond of), tons of toys and bones, pretty food and water bowls (with his name!), and lots of stuff coming in the mail for him. For example, he simply had to have the Burberry print collar, harness, and leash (all of which will be monogrammed) ! He just had too. He's one preppy (monogrammed) puppy. Plus how cute will he be with that stuff when I'm carrying myBurberry purse or monogrammed Burberry tote? He has a fancy, classic, brown, leather leash for his time with J. We've also spotted a fly fishing outfit that he must have for his trip to the lake.

Internet, I'm afraid that I'm going to become one of "those people."

So come on over to the M House where we're currently playing rounds of Pimp My Pup!


*JellyBelly* :) said...

How adorable! I love animals and adopting them are the best route if you can at all do that. Although I did buy little chihuahua from someone I work with, but I did, however, adopt my cat from the animal shelter.

Hmmm... monogrammed animal accessories. I will have to think of or find something I want monogrammed and send it your way. My little Lucy loves all that cute stuff too.

Congrats on Mack!!!!!!

Happy Girl said...

Your officially 'one of those people'! I am too!
I have a schnauzer who will be four on the 24th of this month. Its unreal how fast they become like your children and life at home will never be the same.

Congrats on the new family member!

Mrs. T2 said...

OMG.....He is just too cute. I can understand why you couldn't resist!!

JayJenny said...

You will totally become one of "those" people. In fact, I think you may already be! Congratulations on your new little bundle. You guys are going to have so much fun, you'll wonder what you did before Mack! Tyson and Koda send their puppy dog kisses and paw fives. Good for you for rescuing the little guy! XOXO

Swistle said...

AWWWWWWWWWWW!! He is too sweet! Of course he needed accessories!

Robin said...

He IS sooooo cute!! Maybe your next one can be a Beagle. Ha! :0)

Thanks for the invite to view your blog!!! I don't what I would do if I couldn't read it anymore!!


Rusti said...

I can't wait to see pictures of all of his "accessories" :) You are so sweet to save this darling little guy. Good for you!