Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Cosmetics Counter Girl

First of all, I didn't forget, and the winners are (drum roll please) Platinum Rose and Swistle! I'll be contacting both of you discuss prize arrangements.

Second, what do you lovely readers think of being a cosmetics counter girl? There is an open position for one in my town and an upscale department store and I thought it might be a fun job. It would definitely take me off of my current career path, but I'm not sure that matters. It could be an awesome job for going to grad school, so that totally justifies it, right? Otherwise, I think the schedule would suck. I wonder what the cosmetics girl gets paid? I know managers make commission, but I don't think the others do. Hmmm, wonder if I could roll my 401k?


Michelle said...

Congrats to Platinum Rose and Swistle! I read your post a little too late to join in the fun, but DH and I played with the questions everyone was offering up and we both learned a lot about each other that we didn't know even after 4 1/2 years of marriage! They were awesome questions everyone. :)
A cosmetics counter girl, huh? Sounds like fun...but it is retail. You'll be working weekends and nights. I don't know about the pay ~ but a friend of mine in Minneapolis did this the entire time she was in college. She loved it, but was always working. I dunno though. You might like it and I'm sure that you would get an awesome discount!!

Kristen Miller said...

Hmm...well you're right, the hours would suck. I, personally, would probably get massive headaches from inhaling the fumes from the nearby fragrance counters. It seems like you might be extremely bored much of the time (kind of like I am now) but then crazy busy other times.

On the plus side...you will get a pretty big discount I'm sure. Oh...and those outfits they wear are pretty cute.

Platinum Rose said...

I think being a cosmetics counter person would be neat, if they teach you some makeup tricks-of-the-trade. Stuff you could use on yourself if you wanted to. And if you get to "test out" all the new products, too!