Monday, July 09, 2007

Shoe Shopping: Take it how you can get it! (and the Eye Funk Returns!)

Lately, my husband going out of town for work hasn't kept him overnight. The company has been taking the private jet and making day trips rather than one or two nights. I'm loving that J isn't kept away from me, especially overnight. And also since I'm not sure our pooch is exactly vicious and attacking.

However, it has put a damper on my "But honey, I missed you" shoe shopping. So as I was running quick errands to wrap up a shower I was hosting on Saturday, I spotted these darling shoes that I'd had my eye on for some time. They were 75% off Internet. SEVENTY-FIVE! The total on these cute little things was a whopping $4.48.

I decided to call these "WOOHOO You got a raise and I got new shoes!" shoes. I mean, at $4.48 they don't really need a name besides "Ohmygosh they are cute gold shoes and are only $4.48" however, I like to point out that I can justify anything.

Also Internet, my husband is out of town on one of the trips today. So a trip by Target on my way home may be in order for another pair or clearance shoes. They can be the "but I was afraid for you being on that little plane and I had to buy new shoes to console me" shoes, yes?

In unrelated news, I have the eye funk again. I was fine all day Saturday and then woke up three times in the middle of the morning Sunday with the clowns, camels, and carnivals in full swing. Why me? How do I get it and how does it come back? I suppose I'm going to have to toss all my eye make-up just in case. On the bright side, I can peruse the cosmetic aisle when I'm purchasing shoes. I took a picture and was going to show you all had bad it was, but Ewww!, no one deserves that, so use your imaginations.


JayJenny said...

For $4.48, you barely need to mention it!

I'd love to come to Tar-Jay w/you!

Hope you had a good weekend!

Mrs. T2 said...

Love the shoes!! It always feels great to get a good deal!!

Hope the eye funk gets better soon!!!

brittny said...

First of all- private jet!?! Are you serious!? Mr. M is big league! I'm glad that allows him to be home, but I fully understand the damper it puts on your shopping. I like what you came up with. Your next pair can be "We got your first big fat paycheck since the raise and now I need a pretty new summer sandal to celebrate!" :)

Rusti said...

I think Brittny has an excellent reason to shop there - and I think those shoes are adorable! especially for less than $5! You would have been crazy NOT to purchase them! Thanks for the invite by the way - Jenny must have sweet talked you for me :) Good luck with the eye funk - it doesn't sound pleasant at all!

Kas said...

OOOO LUCKY!! :) I can't believe you got those cute shoes for less than $5. That is just plain awesome!

I hope the eye funk goes away soon! YUCK!

Swistle said...

Ooooooooooo, pretty.