Wednesday, July 25, 2007


J and I purchased passports as our first anniversary gift. We like tradition, it is paper, and we needed them. Oh, I also let him buy me dinner. However, I also told him that the certified piece of paper with the 2 carat diamond earrings would be considered paper and I would not be mad at him if he bought them for me. No siree, not me! I wouldn't be mad at all. He didn't take his chances though.

Anyway, we didn't apply for our passports until the third week of June. We need them the last week of August. Holy cow what were we thinking? We went to the post office and got the "your passports are due back on August 17, but that is a big fat lie and you won't get them in time and when you call us crying because you can't take your trip we'll laugh. However for a kidney and your first born they are due back on July 9. That too is a big fat lie and you'll have to call your state reps and cry like a baby and beg and plead. What would you like to do?" (Seriously, exact words.)

J and I coughed up the extra cash, signed over our cars, home, and first born, forked out our kidney, and hoped for the best. Now what I'm about to tell you will truly be a shock.

Our passports were back in less than two weeks. LESS THAN TWO WEEKS!

Can you believe that? I want a my 2 carat certified diamond earrings! Oops, I mean a refund!

(On the bright side: Vacation, here we come!)


Rusti said...

We need to go apply for ours this week - my aunt's took 15 weeks to get back to her - and although our cruise isn't until February - it would be our luck that we would wait too long and they wouldn't arrive in time! So we're planning to get that taken care of this week sometime... (we were supposed to go LAST week - but that's another story) :) Congrats on gettting them back so quickly!!

Michelle said...

Sweet. Did you expedite them? I applied for mine in the beginning of April. Yes, you read right. April. My cruise is in September. I was told that I would probably receive it in July. Well...July is almost over and I have yet to see it in my mailbox. Maybe today, but I'm not holding my breath. I still have some time, but geez...does it really take that long to print paper and put it together in a little blue book? If mine is like Rusti's aunts...I should be getting it here any day. LOL!

JayJenny said...

Mine came really fast, but I've heard some people have such trouble with getting them in time. At least you can relax and start planning for vacation. Yay!

Kristen Miller said...

How the heck did you get them so fast? You must have dirt on some of the higher ups at the Dept. of State or something. ;)

girl from the south said...

You are so lucky! That could have been a very bad situation. I've heard nightmare stories lately about getting passports processed. Count your lucky stars and don't regret the money that you spent.

Angelarae said...

We have the same (if not worse) passport issues up here in Canada (haha, doesn't that make me sound foreign!). It's completely ridiculous. Let's just say our hopes of a winter vacay last year were completely ruined due to passport requirements - they actually expect you to live without your birth certificate for MONTHS while waiting for your passport. ARG!
Luckily, we have them now and can travel!

Platinum Rose said...

Yuck, sorry you had to do all that! I hope you don't need that kidney someday, or miss your future first-born too much :-) At least you can still go on the vacation though! That's a relief!