Monday, July 16, 2007

Help Wanted--Inquire Within

People--I have quite a week ahead and my pretty little head just might spin around and explode completely off of my body. While that could be nice because there are so many lovely things up there like harmony, love, and world peace would totally mess with my nose. And my husband thinks I have a cute little nose. And putting this cute little nose back together would make it look like some weird, distorted, Van Gogh mosaic done by a beginner and well, that would be bad. I need help!

First of all, I'm hosting a huge party here this weekend and that in itself makes all the crazy in me come out. Everything had to be perfect because I'm anal retentive and OCD. There! I said it! Cleaning and preparing wouldn't be a problem except that I'm way behind on my sewing and monogramming. Remember how I had that lovely little eye funk last week? Well the runny, itchy, watery, bloodshot red, sandpaper feeling eyes didn't exactly allow me ability to do such projects as sew and monogram. It was also my right eye, which is my good eye as I'm legally blind in the left. (Yes, I was still driving, and don't worry, it only interfered with work for a half day. I can pretend to work with the eye funk as well as I can pretend to work without it.)

Ok, back to the subject matter here. I'll take care of the sewing and monogramming and you lovely readers can divvy up these tasks:

  • Ride my husband like a bull to get his schoolwork done! (Gutter minds!)
  • Scrub my tubs using these wonderful suggestions.
  • Do my laundry, hubs laundry is optional.
  • Go the the grocery--don't forget the party menu.
  • Stop by the liquor store. Get whatever you want--we'll love it!
  • Clean the rest of the house: sweep, mop, dust, vacuum, and be certain there are fresh bedsheets for the guests. Oh and towels. You may need to was and fold the guest towels.
  • Ride my husband like a bull-Round Two: make sure he does the to-do list I've made for him. This should be a different person as both tasks involving J will be full-time jobs.
  • Get the sangria ready! Yum-Yum! On second thought, maybe I should do this task.
  • Prep the party food!
  • Bake the cake! But it is a super secret recipe so I'm not sure who is going to get it.
  • Decorate, set the table, arrange the flowers, roll the napkins, tie the ribbons....
  • Oh wait...who's picking up the flowers?
  • Someone give me a manicure, a massage, and a mojito!

Come on over, I'll be waiting.

P.S. Bathe the dog, water the plants, go to the post office.....


Mrs. T2 said...

I am exhuasted just reading your list!!! Good luck with getting everything done!! I have a feeling your party is going to be fabulous!!

JayJenny said...

Now my head is spinning!

I think I'll be in charge of the spirits. After all your work, you'll need a good margartia, mojito, shot - I'll cover you!!

Rusti said...

I'm really not a fan of any type of cleaning or housework - but do your worst - I'll help out where I can :)

Zoe D. said...

Only if you promise to pay me back before this weekend since Adam planned a party and our house is BEYOND a wreck! :)