Thursday, July 12, 2007

You couldn't pass this up either.

Wowza-I got another great deal yesterday! Last week I'd picked up a little white skirt at my favorite store, Tar-jay. I'd been needing (or wanting) a little white skirt since I moved past my previous one a couple years ago. As always, I purchased the skirt to take home and try on with everything I own. It really didn't do it for me. I tried to like it but decided that it wasn't worth it for the price. That night I also picked up 2 little summer dresses, so I decided the white skirt had to be returned.

Last night I was running a few errands and of course, found myself at Tar-jay. I was returning the skirt and the lady at the service desk (who was lovely by the way) commented what a good price the skirt was now. Ding, ding, ding! I heard bargain words and I perk up! The skirt (are you ready for this?) was $4.98. I said it was four dollars and ninety eight cents!

I bought it back! I rebought the skirt I had just returned--for four dollars and ninety eight cents! It suddenly looked fabulous on me and I found I could wear it with several items in my wardrobe and ohmygoodness it was perfect! The power for five dollars, amazing isn't it?

Maybe I should start a bargain blog.


Alicia said...

atta girl! *confession time* I have done this quite a few times myself. I'm all "I'm going to return this because it looks like crap on me" then I see it at 75 % off and I just go and buy it all over again and it becomes one of my favorite things. Silly....but true!

JayJenny said...

I love when that happens - yay for you!

Michelle said...

Thanks for the invite!
I've never done this...I should shop more, huh? LOL ~ I'm the girl with 2 pairs of shorts. But I now own a pair of camo capris that I just love! I got them at Kohl's the other night...I wouldn't normally have bought them for $32, but when I found I could get the shorts (marked at $25) for FREE, I thought it was a better deal ~ 2 for $16!
If you start a bargain blog I'm so there...I think I've got something to learn from you Ladies. :)

Cherie said...

Dang, I just got a white skirt at Target last week for $9.88 and thought it was a steal! Good for you! ;)

Swistle said...

I LOVE it when that happens. I am FAR more tolerant of things that didn't cost me as much money.