Friday, July 20, 2007

Time Capsule

As I've been cleaning out my childhood trunk I've found a plethora of items that I suddenly feel are ancient. Tapes, film cameras, and floppy disks to name a few. All of these things have led me to think I should create a time capsule. Nothing fancy, just a small box full of things that are so rapidly changing so that I have items to share with my kids and grand kids. Wouldn't that be neat? I could add items every year as out ever evolving world continues to change. I mean, at this point with MP3 players and flash drives, a CD could nearly go inside.

Has anyone else ever though of creating a time capsule? What would you put in the box? Throw out suggestions and give your fellow bloggers some ideas for their own time capsule project. Oh, and let me know if you create one.


Platinum Rose said...

Hahaha, that shower looked like a really fun time!!!

Platinum Rose said...

oops, I just totally left the wrong comment on the wrong post. Doh!