Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Tuesday Top Ten, Christmas Edition

I thought this would be the perfect post with Black Friday this week. I love shopping and buying gifts, and I especially like to do creative gifts. Here are my Top Ten Gift Giving ideas.
(Warning, these require some craftiness!)

1. Jewelry
It's really simple to make great looking jewelry with items found at a craft store. I often bead earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. If you're clueless, look for a workshop at a craft store or purchase a book that's easy to understand.

2. Aprons
You can make such cute aprons from mix-n-match fabric and adorn it with pom pom trim and grosgrain ribbon. For an added touch, add a pocket and/or monogram. You can also throw in something fun like a rolling pin!

3. Totes
You can make cute little bags using the same mix-n-match fabric adorned with pom pom trim, grosgrain ribbon, and a monogram. For an easier version get a pre-made canvas bag and decorate with the above, even fabric squares. These are great for baby gifts too. You can get lots of sizes from tiny purse to large tote.

4. Picture Frames
I get wide canvas frames and jazz them up with lots of items. A fave way is to put a light coat of paint on the top and a checked border around the sides. Add polka dots or stripes to the top layer in a contrasting color. You can top it off with a name, monogram, or phrase such as Family, Dream, Imagine, etc. If painting isn't for you, grab the glue gun with some grosgrain ribbon. Do a ribbon trim, or get varieties of ribbon and overlap them for a woven plaid-type effect. You could use a wood frame too, but when painting especially I prefer the canvas.

5. Picnic in a Bag
Start with a large canvas bag. I prefer to have pockets on the front. Add a monogram of the family name such as "Smith". Adding a polka dot grosgrain ribbon is optional. Fill the bag with goodies such as acrylic plates, tumblers and a pitcher. I also add napkins and a table cloth. Great for families.

6. Movie Night
Get a bag, basket, box, bucket, tin, whatever the recipient would prefer. Fill it up with goodies such as their fave candy and popcorn. Purchase DVD's or a movie rental gift card. Options for this theme gift include pizza delivery certificate, ice cream certificate, or if you're really generous, a Netflix subscription.

7. Romantic Night In
This is definitely for the couple! Fill a basket up with goodies such as pasta and sauce. Add a jar mixed with all the non-perishable ingredients for a dessert with the recipe attached. Add a bottle of red or white wine. Great add-ons for this would be cocktail napkins (monogrammed!), gourmet spices, and a scented candle. You could even put a movie in this one for a date night.

8. Scrapbook
Gather pics of person/people and put together a scrapbook! It can be themed, an event or events, chronological, etc. I'm doing this for someone this year and my only problem is that I can't narrow down the pics to use! This is a great gift because you can even start with a few pages for the person to finish. Add in a few supplies for an extra touch. Check out mini albums at Kolo.

9. Recipe Box
An oldie, but a goody! Start with an index card box that you can decorate with paint, stickers, etc. Write you fave recipes on index cards and leave space for the gift recipient to fill it up. This is a great gift for a birthday if you want to spend a little extra and not really spend much at Christmas. That way, every year a Christmas you can tuck additional recipes in a card for the gift.

10. For the Hostess with the Most-est!
I love entertaining and know that you can never have too many entertaining gadgets. Start with a unique or themed platter or other serving piece, and add on little items such as wine glass charms, cheese spreaders, cookie cutters, unique serving pieces, smaller serving dishes, cloth napkins (monogrammed of course!!), appetizer recipes, ramekins, etc. The possibilities for this are endless! This is even great for someone who doesn't have a great deal of serving items to begin a fun collection.


11. Gardening for Everyone
Start with a bucket, tote, basket, etc. Fill with goodies such as a spade, mini rake, etc. Add a few starter plants, or several packages of seeds. Great fill-ins for this would be gloves, a knee pad, a gardening book/magazine, or small pots/planters.

So does anyone else have great creative ideas for gift giving?

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