Monday, November 20, 2006

Mrs. M Goes To DC

I had such a fabulous time with A this weekend in DC. It was great to visit the city since I hadn't been there in nearly 15 years. A is such an urban city girl now. She gallivants about the hustle and bustle like a true pro. It was really fun to see the whole city, and not just the touristy high parts. I was able to experience what it's like to be a true Washingtonian. Keep reading for some fabulous details.

By 10am Thursday morning I was wondering why I even got out of bed! It was already one of those days. I didn't plan on leaving until my husband left for work a little before 9, so that I could spend a little more time with him. (Sappy, I know!) We got outside and realized my tires were low. Fortunately my handy man husband has an air compressor so this was no big deal. We leave and I run to the Post Office. As I'm leaving I realize I've forgotten the memory card for my camera. I was debating going back for it since I wasn't sure I'd take a great deal of pictures, etc. However, it was only 5 minutes back so I decided to go. It was perhaps the wrong decision since (drum roll please....) I GOT A TICKET ON MY STREET!! Yes, that's right, I got pulled over on my freaking street. Isn't that special? I'm sure it's going to cost way more than a new camera card would have. Dang stop sign and Dang Policeman. I'd even seen him sitting there. He had someone pulled over on the way out that morning. I'd smugly thought, "Ha Ha! Sucker!" When I left my house and when back down the street (less than 2 minutes later) he was gone. I suppose I'd helped him reach his quota by 9:30. I think it can be easily remedied since my cousin is a county cop as well. I should post more extensively on the exchange since I was quite a charmer, but I have too much to say already. So, after this I decided that when stopping for gas, I definitely deserved a cherry vanilla diet coke, the kind where you make it yourself at the fountain. I pull into the station proudly get my soda and leave. Once on the road I realize I forgot gas. Turn around, repeat. So yes, by 10am I was wondering why I even got out of bed. Since I was running behind, I was just in time to meet my in-laws for lunch as I passed their exit. It was so nice of them to treat me to lunch. They also got a good chuckle about the events that were my morning. After a looooong and slooooow trip across VA that included three potty stops (I have a baby bladder), I made it inside the beltway. Furthermore, I navigated through DC rush hour to make it to A's condo.

Friday morning I got up for my morning run. I ran around DC! Impressive, huh? I was pretty amazed with myself. Of course, most streets are A, B, C, etc and the numbered streets go the opposite direction, so I was pretty sure I could find my way back. It was absolutely beautiful day with wonderful weather to be outdoors. I ran along with a big hearty smile, wave, and "Good Morning!" to everyone out and about. They all looked at me as if I three heads. Rude, unfriendly, Northern idiots! Finally, A and I were out to enjoy a day in the city. We shopped. And shopped, and shopped, and shopped (I heart H&M!) We had lunch and proceeded to The White House, followed by the National Mall to visit the Washington Monument, the Jefferson and Lincoln Memorials, and my favorite, the new World War II Memorial. It was absolutely phenomenal. We walked around it for quite sometime noting how impressive it really was. Their is a registry for all those who fought and I'm excited to add my Granddad's name. It was finally time for dinner so we took the Metro to Union Station. My first trip on the Metro and it was during Friday afternoon rush hour. Wow! Good thing I was wearing bright pink so A could keep up with me in a sea of black. Union Station was amazing! After shopping for a bit inside (I bought my Pappy a George W. bobblehead for Christmas!) we went to have dinner at the Capital City Brewery. Yum, it was so tasty. The congressional chicken and monumental brownie absolutely made my day! Seriously, it was the best chicken ever. After dinner it was rather late and we had a full day planned for Saturday, so we went home.

A's condo is so cute! It's really odd to see all of her things in a different setting. I've seen them in four different places now, one of which where I lived when we were roomies. I'm not sure why but I'm constantly amazed and impressed with the way she arranges and rearranges her very eclectic, chabby chic style. It was adorable! So for the evening we reminisced of college and sorority life, the legendary party we once threw for the second anniversary of my twenty-first birthday, the amount of sleep we didn't get, the stupid (Stupid!) things we did thinking it was a good idea at the time, and realized there is a lot we hope our children never find out! Oh, it was such good times. We also talked about how much we've changed in the last 2.5 years. Such fun to spend time with A.

Saturday morning we were up and out for brunch at Union Station, followed by mid-morning coffee at the trendy little coffee shop, Ebenezer's, her church owns, and then on to visit museums and galleries for the remainder of the day. First, we hit the National Gallery. Oh how I could get lost in that place. It was beyond fabulous. We did the high points of both traditional and contemporary art. I'm often left to wonder how some of it is so famous though. Really, that's art? The traditional stuff in more my favorite. There was a great exhibit of Monet, but only one Van Gogh. They were changing things up a big. The Rotunda's were beautiful and so was the fountain down the glass wall. After a quick stop for gelato, we were on to the next museum. Unfortunately, the Museum of American History is closed for remodelling, but they did have a highlights exhibit in the Air and Space Museum. We toured it to find lots of interesting and entertaining items. The first sigh of Penicillin had been preserved and was displayed, The Seinfeld Puffy Shirt was on exhibit, Minnie Pearl's Hat, Julia Child's recipe, Carrie Bradshaw's computer, Archie Bunker's chair, and Judy Garlands ruby red slippers, were just a few highlighted items. It was rather nostalgic. The Air and Space exhibits were impressive as well. I contemplated getting my husband a bright orange flight suit, but the child's sizes wouldn't fit his 6'2" body. Next it was the National Archives and the Museum of Natural History. There was a huge elephant just inside the door. Not sure why, but I love elephants! The Hope Diamond and bone's exhibits were big hits with A and I. We also managed to have more fun in gift shops that most people! By this time, it was too late to visit the Holocaust Museum, which I'd also missed fifteen years ago because it had just opened and we couldn't get in. However, I plan on a return trip in the spring with Miss C. and Mrs. O-t0-be, so it will be the first stop. A plans on being in DC for several years, and I'm exited about return visits. Especially a visit with my hubby! We walked back to Capital City Brewery for another round of Congressional Chicken for dinner. It was so good, I just had to have it again. After dinner we took the metro to the north part of the city for a little shopping at Loehmann's and Filene's. By then, it was definitely time to go home.

We left by 7:45 Sunday morning to get an early start on the nearly 8 hour drive. Along the way, we saw 10 roadkill deer in VA. Too bad those weren't in TN, we could have picked them up for dinner. We chatted and chatted the whole way home. Among our most interesting topics was how the war is still being fought in the South! Yes, we are still engaging in Civil War here, because we are proud! And...the South Will Rise Again! We chuckled for miles and miles over this. After complete delirium, but an otherwise uneventful trip home, we made it around 4pm. Perfect timing to relax, and have dinner and spend time with my hubby!

I love road trips!

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brittny said...

What a fun trip! I want to go now too! I've never been and have always wanted to, so I enjoyed reading all the fun you had last weekend. I'm glad you had a good time with Southern Girl. It sounds like you had such a great girl's weekend.
I hope you're enjoying your short work week! Mine starts today, thank goodness! Happy Thanksgiving and catch up with you soon!