Monday, November 27, 2006

Just Two More Things

Girl from the South had a point when she said I left out two things. You can visit the entire post, but I'll copy and paste the good part:

Bloggers from the South Last weekend was so much fun! I wish Mrs. M lived closer so that she could visit more often. We had a blast doing the monument thing, shopping and exploring the Smithsonian. She did an excellent recap, except that she left out two things:
1) The Smithsonian has probably now implemented rules about adults playing with toys and/or trying on costumes, hats, etc.
2) We sported Burger King crowns for much of the trip home. In fact, I forgot that I had one on until Mrs. M mentioned that she was taking hers off after several hundred miles. It's great to have friends that you can be completely silly around. Of course, factoring in that we were roomies in college, were in the same sorority and visited New Orleans together, there's really no reason for either of us to pretend we have dignity.

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