Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A Nice Visit

Last night J and I visited the O's. I love getting to spend time with Mrs. O. Mr. O said it best when he asked:

"A, when you and L get together, who listens? Without J and I in the room there's no one to listen to you."

This is a very true statement I suppose. I do love chatting and hanging out with her. She has such a great perspective on things and can often make me realize that you just need to get over and move past things. I'm not big on holding grudges or anything anyway, but she absolutely holds onto nothing, ever! I see it in her often and realize that I should incorporate a little more of that. I've learned more to not really care what people think of me through Mrs. O. I know she doesn't, and she's rather happy that way.

So we chatted for far too long about clothes, trips, vacations, events, people we know, and all of that good stuff. We, of course, talked about everyone we know! She cracks me up with her very blatant opinions sometimes. Especially her thoughts on a couple we know and the huge "dork" factor of the husband, and she doesn't think so highly of the (expletive here) wife either and never really has. She has mentioned little things to me before, but since learning I wouldn't be offended since I don't speak with them, she let it all out. Actually, I've learned that the majority of my friends feel this way about her/them. Apparently I was the only one who liked her.

Mrs. O, Mrs. R, and Mrs. S, what would I do without them? They're definitely the big sisters/mother that I never had, although they are far too young to be my mother.

Another great quote from Mr. O that night (about my fast talking):

"L, sometimes I work really hard to keep up with you. I mean I've had a few, and I'm about 3 sentences behind, but eventually, I get there."

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