Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Wednesday is my Friday

Today is my Friday, woohoo! Tomorrow I'll be road tripping to see Girl from the South in DC! I'm so excited. We haven't seen each other since she moved last summer, although phone and email keep us as tight as just-out-of-the-dryer jeans!

I'm looking forward to a long weekend away, but I'll miss my hubby. I'm not sure if we've been apart for four whole days since we've been married. (I know, insert gags here!) However I know I'm going to have a great time with Girl from the South.

On the agenda, shopping (H&M here I come!) visiting monuments and other such touristy things (I haven't been to DC in years!), and we're participating in the Help the Homeless Walk around the National Mall. How cool will that be?

Girl from the South and I always have such a nice time together and I'm definitely looking forward to our road trip back. It will be like our Sorority days in college!

All that aside, how great is it that I get two 3-day weeks in a row? Sweet! Maybe it's the cold, rainy weather, but everyone at the office is a crabby pants currently. The few days off will be fabulous!

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brittny said...

How fun! I hope you and Girl from the South have a great time together, and I look forward to hearing about it. I recently met a blogger too (though it sounds like you guys already know each other), and it was such a great time.

I noticed you have a link to the PRSA. Are you a member? You'll have to let me know about it. I've been on the site a million times, but I've never signed up.

Have a good weekend!