Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Being A Girl

You know those days when you leave the house feeling rather well about yourself, only to look in a mirror later that day and realize you were wrong? You look at yourself and ponder "what was I thinking?" or "why did I leave the house like this", or better yet, "why didn't someone tell me?" I hate those days. It is so not a good feeling. I feel I often have them.

So I shave my legs this morning fully intending to wear a skirt. Then I realized that the skirts I had in mind were dirty. My darling husband and I haven't done our work laundry in awhile. (Work laundry, by the way, is different than weekend laundry. Since we both dress up everyday for work and our jeans and t-shirt type clothing we lovingly call our "weekend clothes. Yeah, we (HE!) are quirky people about our laundry). So the skirt was out.

I began looking at my pant options I again realize that we haven't done laundry in awhile. I pick a pair of pants that are super cute but not sure of the shirt to wear with them. I find a super cute top to go with it but not sure how I'll feel about the combination of the two on my body. Yeah--a girl thing. J can pick a pair of pants with the right hand, a shirt with the left and inevitably it will match and he will feel fine in it. So, back to my dressing dilemma. I pick two tops and hope one will work for me. The first one, a failure! Too much cleavage for the office and I wasn't feeling very flattering in it. So I mindlessly put on the second and WOW! A success. I could have a new fave outfit. I find a blazer to go with it and I'm all set.

Finishing the morning I curl my "leftover hair" and apply my makeup. I open my armoire to find accessories thinking I have something in mind but choose earrings and a bracelet I haven't worn in forever! Hmm, things are coming along nicely this morning. I finish my morning routine, take down and spray my hair as I run out the door.

So, I don't think much more about my appearance but do receive several compliments. Nice! So later I'm making round two of my morning caffeine getting some coffee and head to the restroom. Back to the looking in the mirror and thinking blah...I don't! Instead I think to myself, Self--you are looking stunning today! How very Ann Taylor you are. The outfit, the hair, the jewelry--fabulous. Have a wonderful day you darling girl!

And so I have.

It's nice to feel so wonderful about yourself, especially when you have a long day as I will today.

All of this brings me to another point which I had originally planned on blogging about until I decided to tell the world how fabulous I was today, but it ties in.

Girls dress for girls. Yeah--not guys, but girls. Girls may not be out to impress anyone, but always feel the need to be impressive. Girls may not be competitive, but still feel the need to be the best. Girls may not judge others, but still stereotype. You can be so proud of your best friend, yet you still compare yourself to her. To sum it all up, girls are insecure. No matter how confident, I think all women have a little insecurity and a need to be accepted.

Why is this? Why are girls hardwired to be this way?

I consider myself very genuine, down to earth, carefree, and happy go lucky. Yet, I catch myself having all of the above tendencies. It's subliminal! I have to stop myself and wonder why am I doing/thinking/feeling that and then make myself stop. Even the most sincere women feel it. If you deny it, you're lying to yourself.

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