Monday, June 26, 2006

Furniture Shopping

J and I have decided to do a little rearranging in our house. We've only been in it for about 6 months, but we have already decided we need to upgrade a bit. We use the living space off the kitchen much more than we anticipated we would. Consequently, we use our downstairs living space less than we thought we would.

When we have people over it makes sense to hang out in the space adjacent to the kitchen since we are most likely eating. Of the evenings when J and I are hanging out we tend to use that space as well because between dinner, errands, and other activities, we (I) just don't feel the need to go get cozy downstairs when it's nearly my bedtime.

Ok, so anecdotes aside we have decided that we need a full size sofa in the living room. We're all excited to go sofa shopping (sign number 304 that I'm getting old. I get excited about sofa shopping. I've also been known to be excited about over sized toasters that fit panini bread). We were after a darker neutral color with a strong lasting material. (Where did I learn to be so practical?) Think khaki in a sturdy canvas or tweed. J would love to have a leather sofa and ottoman, but we have dubbed that as unaffordable. However after 4 furniture stores we found a very affordable leather sofa. It's everything J has dreamed of, and we all know how picky my darling husband is! It's dark brown (check!), it's plush yet not oversized (check!), it has a sleek contemporary appearance yet is very classic (check!), it actually has a price tag that won't result in him selling a kidney on the black market (CHECK!). This sofa is the only one that we both totally agree on and think would be a wonderful addition to our home.

So it should be easy, right? We purchase the fabulous leather sofa for our upstairs living space and take it home to love as a first born child (because I know Jl will be particular about it and that's about how much it will set us back!) But then J will be forced to choose between two things he loves most (besides me!). The leather sofa upstairs, or the large flat screen television downstairs. Next to this sofa on the showroom floor is a wonderful matching love seat and chair and ottoman that would all look absolutely lovely downstairs. So our eyes adore the furniture before us and our minds wonder right off track of "sofa only." Hmmmm, now what?

So we think. And think, and think, and think. And think. Could we move the red sofas upstairs and make the entire downstairs sleek with the leather sofas and flat screen with J's beloved entertainment center? He has always wanted a leather chair in the office which is right off of the den and it would look really nice. Since I haven't bought the fabric for the upstairs cornice boards it would be minimal change. The sofas and coordinates will go nicely with the walls. Furthermore it would give us the chance to redecorate a room since most of the house was ideas we already had with furnishings we already had and not much room for change. It could be the nice blue and browns scheme we nearly did in the master bedroom. The whole downstairs could be J's decor with the "man den", office, and garage. While the upstairs kitchen, dining, living room, and bedrooms could be mine.

So we ponder and ponder on what to do. Our upstairs living space is a little awkward so we aren't sure the sofas will fit. So we break out the tape measure and play architect. It just might work. So we think and think and think. Stay focused! You just need the sofa! But.....

So what should we do? It seems so practical to go ahead and get the entire set! One less large purchase to buy. It's a good price, it's classic, it will last for years to come. Right? Our next big purchase will be a dining table and china cabinet as well as a king sized sleigh bed, however, those purchases may not be in this house. (Well---the bed may be...we'll see what I work out!). So if we go ahead and get will be one less large purchase to make, right?

Well, we are still pondering options and trying to think responsibly, practically, and make a good decision. Tonight we are going to visit a couple more furniture stores and then make a decision in about a week.

For me to be so stern on we are only getting a sofa---I'm kinda the biggest cheerleader for buying the full leather set.

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