Monday, June 26, 2006

A Good Friend

I've been babysitting T-Ho quite a bit since her surgery. For those of you that don't know, T-Ho is one of my oldest friend and she just had surgery on her toe. Her second toe was freakishly as long as my fingers and she had part of it cut off to have normal feet. There are currently screws sticking out of her toes, but she is very excited to wear cute shoes and heels since this was nearly impossible before the surgery.

T-Ho has been stuck on bed rest with there feet propped up in the air for more than a week now. She's thankfully not feeling pain, but is suffering cabin fever. She is beginning to act like a bit of, hmmm, a super pampered spoiled brat!

Last night at something til 10 (hello? nearly my bedtime!) T-Ho decides she needs a little something something sweet. The pudding didn't do it for her. She needs chocolate chunk cookies. Yea, that's it! Pepperidge Farms Chocolate Chunk Cookies.

T-Ho: La La, would you want to go get lil t-ho some cookies?

Me: Are you serious? How about another pudding?

T-Ho: The pudding didn't work. I really want cookies. Or a brownie, but probably cookies.

Me: For real? It's almost 10. I'm ready for bed. Do you have to have it?

T-Ho: (SIGH) No, no. It's ok. I don't need it.

Me: Good.


So I do. I go to the grocery and by the spoiled, over pampered, bratty, miss prissy princess, her cookies. It's 10:00 at this point. My bedtime is, um now! It's dark, on the side of town I don't live on, it's raining and nasty, and I'm going out to get her the coveted cookies. Really I want to pick her up by the screws in her toes, but I don't. Am I a good friend or what?

All I can say is one day when I'm overreacting to the sniffles and I'm piled up in bed--she better be there to bring me something delish!

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