Friday, June 30, 2006

Pretty and Shiny

I went to the mall and had my rings cleaned today on my lunch break. Let me tell you, nothing thrills me more than these pretty, sparkly, shiny diamonds on my left hand being even prettier, sparklier, and shinier. I love waving my hands under the light and watching them shimmer and shine. I have jewelry cleaner at home but it just can't do it as good as the jewelry store can. I try to get them cleaned there at least once per month. Since I am toting around 3.5 flawless, certified, colorless, carats on my left hand, they do need to look stunning and gorgeous, dahling!

And on a happy note along with that, the sweet girl at the counter told me how much she liked my rings and how pretty my set was and complimented how nicely my band and engagement ring look together. What good taste she has. Oh I love my rings! I love them almost as much as I love my wonderful husband who bought them for me!

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